Thursday, March 1, 2012

This... what girls with stickers will do to your fingernails.
And hats.
And shoes.
And glasses.
Today was my first day as an Assistant Coach for Girls on the Run. 
I'll admit, before I left the house today I was pretty terrified. I haven't spent a lot of time around kids 
and when I am around them, I feel like I'm just not a natural "kid person". 
I'm not so great at talking to them and I think I generally end up acting preeeetty awkward. 
So, I was kind of afraid they'd think I was a big weirdo. But I forgot how much elementary age girls LOVE older girls. They think you're cool regardless of how big of a dork you're being. I also forgot how smart and compassionate kids can be; it was pretty awesome to see 
them relate to and empathize with each others' insecurities. 
And they're better at math than I am. They started talking about
 long division and things quickly became too intense for me. 
In all, it was a very fun first day. 
I think I'm going to be really glad I stepped a little bit
out of my comfort zone to volunteer for this program.

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  1. can i just say that your wedding photo at the top of your blog is STELLER KILLING GORGEOUS?! your dress. your hair. your smile.

    girl. so lovely.



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