Sunday, March 4, 2012

Date weekend!

Bear with me here. I'm about to post 971365 pictures because 
as hard as I tried, I just couldn't cut it down any further than this. 
Whew. That was a lot. 
But we had a really fantastic weekend!
As part of our New Year's resolutions, we promised to commit to planned "date nights" every other week and we agreed to take turns planning the dates (Ryan agreed very reluctantly to this part of the deal, as he's not the uber-planner that I am and he wasn't thrilled about being in charge of trying to impress me with our itinerary). 
This weekend was his turn and he planned an awesome afternoon of hiking at Runyon Canyon park. And obviously the weather was colluding to convince him he can plan a good date because it was the best weather we've experienced since we've been here.
Some highlights from our date:
1. I sound like a jolly old man when I start falling down hills. Every time I slipped, I would make these weird "guffaw" noises. Verrrry awkward.
2. We had enough time before sunset to sneak over and visit the Hollywood sign where we got to laugh at the tourists standing around with their arms held awkwardly in the air, posing for pictures so it would look like they were holding up the sign. (You're right...we've totally done it too)
3. We went back to Runyon before the sun went down so I could take some sunset photos. It was an absolutely gorgeous view of the city; my photos didn't quite do it justice.
4. On the way home, someone pulled out RIGHT in front of us and we got to lay on the horn. I love honking at people when it's justified. 
So, there you have it. Our weekend fun in 971365 pictures
...and a few words.


  1. very nice! im a little jealouse ;)

  2. I LOVE Runyon Canyon. These photos are beautiful! xo

  3. Gorgeous photos! I can see how it was too hard to pair them down. Kudos to Ryan for planning such a fun experience :)


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