Friday, February 17, 2012

The week in rants and raves.

My large cup of coffee and I wish you a happy weekend.
1. It's official: we're real Californians now. We both have our new drivers licenses and our vehicles are sporting new plates. It only cost a whooping bajillion dollars at the DMV (registering a vehicle here is loads more expensive than back in MO) but now whenever I'm driving around, instead of mistaking me for an idiot tourist people will just think I'm an idiot driver. And they will be correct.
2. There are 2 gigantic malls within five miles of our apartment. Two of them. And we've already been to both.

3. Tonight I'm making quinoa stuffed peppers. Then we're going out for Fro-yo for dessert. I'm going to get cake batter frozen yogurt with cookie dough and probably Reeses in it. Yes, I've been thinking about it alllll daaayy looonnng.

1. Our grocery store doesn't sell my Fat free Western salad dressing. Neither does the other grocery store. California, where are you hiding my salad dressing?

2. I think one of the bridges in my mouth might be broken. When Ryan got home yesterday, we spent a couple minutes in the bathroom staring at my teeth (fun, huh?), and we still can't quite tell. But something in there feels lose. Sigh. My teeth are a money pit :(

3. This afternoon when I got home there was a guy leaf-blowing grass off of the street (onto the street? Honestly, I couldn't tell where he was trying to get the grass to go). I proceeded to park near him, as it was the closest parking spot to our apartment complex. Then, this guy starts leaf-blowing my car. So, I just sit there while he walks around the entire perimeter of the vehicle, blowing grass. Do I get out? Do I find a different parking spot? I pretended to be enthralled by something in my purse until he moved on. Awkward.

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  1. I feel you on your teeth... I always have some issue with mine. So frustrating!

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