Sunday, February 19, 2012


Saturday morning I drove through downtown LA and back all by myself.
To my knowledge, no fatalities have been reported.
(Insert applause here)
I did end up going North instead of South on the 110 on my way home, but aside from that minor slip-up, I must say I handled the entire trip like a champ.
Why was I making a solo trip across the city? Let me tell you about the best part of my weekend!
I was attending an assistant coach training session for Girls on the Run. For a few years now, since I saw their ad in a running magazine, I’ve been interested in volunteering for Girls on the Run, an after school program for girls in grades 3-8. Essentially, the program teaches girls to love their bodies and empower themselves through training for and running a 5K. (If you’re looking for a much more eloquent description of the program, just visit their website right here.)
In Missouri, there weren’t any programs close enough for me to volunteer with, so I couldn’t wait to get signed up as a volunteer when we arrived in LA. 
The season starts next week and I’m pumped to lace up my tennis shoes once per week and help teach young ladies how to kick butt and be proud of who they are.

P.S. In case you were wondering, the boys thoroughly enjoyed their lazy Saturday without me. Ryan ate ice cream for breakfast (I've clearly rubbed off on him) and when I got home, I found him lounging on the couch watching basketball with Yoshi. I'm pretty sure they hadn't moved in hours. 

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  1. I just heard about Girls on the Run. My friends little girl has just joined and she loves it. I think its a great program!


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