Thursday, February 16, 2012

The lady in the leopard spots.

Today was payday (woot, woot!). In celebration, we were planning to go out on the town (sort of) to attend a happy hour with a group of Ryan's fellow new employees. But, alas, he's still stuck at work. 
Workin' hard. 
I think he's finally gotten over the new employee handicap (you know, getting all of his information set up, training and learning what he'd be working on and with whom). Now he's been assigned to a project with meetings and deadlines and everything. 
It's like he's a real grown-up now. Weird
So, no happy hour for us. Instead, Yoshi and I went for a late afternoon jaunt around the park by our apartment. It's a neat little place, with basketball courts, jungle gyms and a community gardening area where people rent out space to grow their own gardens. Yoshi made friends with a cute little boy who was obsessed with trying to pet him (finally, reluctantly, Yoshi allowed this). I think the little boy was a fan of my dress as well, as he deemed me the "lady in the leopard spots". 
I think I'll go ahead and take that as a compliment. 
So, that was our day. That, plus writing, laundry and working out.
 And guess what? Tomorrow's Friiiiiiday!


  1. that darn work. always foils the best plans! the paycheck sure is nice though! :)

  2. You are so cute! Absolutely loving this look.
    Payday is always the BEST day ;)



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