Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My first time playing hostess

This weekend we hosted our first houseguests, Ryan’s parents, at our new apartment in SoCal. We’re newbies to this whole living-in-a-tourist-location thing and I’ve literally never hosted overnight guests (unless you count slumber parties), so we’re still working out a few of the kinks. But it was a fun first visit!
A few highlights from the weekend:
1.     I made zucchini casserole for dinner Saturday night and baked falafel Monday evening. How domesticated am I?!
2.     Sunday morning the four of us went to 8:30 mass at a church just a few miles up the road from our apartment. The church was beautiful but cozy, and we met some friendly people.
3.     We visited Venice Beach and got to spend some time gawking at the gorgeous ocean, and also at the crazies peddling their skills and products on the boardwalk. (Medical marijuana, anyone?)
4.  Sunday afternoon we made a quick loop up through the Hollywood hills to see the Hollywood sign and the star walk before stopping for a seaside dinner at Old Tony’s on the Redondo Beach Pier. Mmmm.
5.     On Monday it was back to work for Ryan, but his parents were able to see some of downtown L.A. and the little airport just a few blocks from our place while I slaved away at some financial aid paperwork for grad school applications.
There’s a ton to do and see here and we haven’t even BEGUN to master the art of tour-guiding. Dave and Mary Ann, thanks for being our guinea pigs (and kudos for toughing it out on the air mattress!). Next time, hopefully, I’ll be a seasoned veteran at this hostessing thing. 

Ryan and his parents at Venice Beach 

Pogo stick entertainment on the boardwalk at Venice

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