Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Welcome to my new blog and welcome to the state of sunny California! One thing is for sure: we're not in Kansas Missouri anymore.
The move was not as simple as we had anticipated; instead of having professional movers, we had to pack ourselves into a UHaul, make the 28 hour drive towing my car behind us and we had to unload ourselves once we signed the lease on our new apartment (I use "we" very loosely here, although I did help carry our couch all the way across the apartment complex, up our incredibly awkward stairs and in through the tiny front door and I have the bruises to prove it).
But we're all moved in, almost completely unpacked and Ryan began his first day of work today.

As for California, we're loving it. Thus far, it is everything I imagined it would be and more. Stop in as often as you'd like and check up on our continued explorations; we hope they'll prove to be entertaining!


  1. So glad you finally have your blog up so I can stalk you more! Very happy that Cali is everything you dreamed of. I can't wait to come visit. Keep the posts coming.... AND PICTURES!!!


  2. Thanks for your hospitality, we certainly enjoyed our time with you.
    Southern California is beautiful!
    Mom & Dad

  3. I just discovered your blog, as a fellow Missouri girl I absolutely love finding other's from there on blogger! Looking forward to following you!


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