Monday, December 7, 2015

If you give a baby an avocado...

After subsisting on mom-milk alone for just shy of 6 whole months, Knox the fox has officially been initiated into the exciting world of solids. (I tried SO HARD to wait until this little nugget's half birthday, but my gosh it was difficult once he was sitting up by himself and grabbing at every piece of my food he could see - I'm going with the added excuse that because he spent an extra two weeks refusing to exit my belly, he should really be six months old by now anyway, right? HA). 

We began our baby-led weaning journey this past weekend with a big, fat chunk of avocado. Hilarity ensued. I would apologize for the following excess of photos, but you guys...his faces are just too much. 

A first food story, as told by Knox: 

"Oh, hi there."
"Oh! What's this you're delivering to me?" 
"Nice to meet you, avocado. I will eat you now."

"Something about this feels like a trick. Are they going to take this away from me? I'd better shove it in my mouth quickly, just in case..."
"Ohmagerd what is this foreign taste in my mouth?!"

"It's on my tongue! It's on my tongue!"

"Why have you done this to me?!"

"I don't want to taste this any longer but I can't seem to stop eating it."

"You don't expect me to FINISH this gross thing, right?"

"Look, mama, I did it!"

All done.

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