Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Littlest Dickherber | 32 weeks

Between taking on a busy (but completely gorgeous) wedding inspiration photo shoot, having my dad in town for a long weekend FILLED with last minute, Andrea-wants-this-done-before-the-baby-comes home projects and coming down with a cold that's kept me more exhausted than usual, I've definitely been slow to get around to this last blog post. We're coming up on 34 weeks, BUT here's our 32 week update.

WEEK 32: Our little one is as big as a spaghetti squash, and we're getting so curious to find out more about this little guy's looks and personality! We hope he'll be a bookworm like mom and have dad's cute freckles. Hopefully he'll inherit mom's creativity, dad's generosity and equal parts of our hilarious and inappropriate senses of humor. We'd love to see him get dad's soccer moves and mom's mad pole vaulting skills, and we're crossing our fingers he's blessed with dad's smile and mom's luscious locks, NOT mom's missing teeth and dad's thinning hair. And we're almost certain it'll be blue eyes all the way. But no matter what he looks like, we're going to smother his cheeks with kisses and cheer along in awe as we get to watch his personality grow.

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