Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A peek inside our living space.

I have a mad addiction to throw pillows. I swear, I can't contain myself. It doesn't even matter that the moment I have them all artfully arranged on the couch, I know Ryan will toss them haphazardly onto the floor so he can sprawl without them getting in his way - I'll buy them by the armful anyway.

The very best part of moving into a new place is redecorating. I'm convinced that I could adore being an interior designer (this is the part where the real interior designers scoff because who am I kidding, I'm no designer). After some extensive brainstorming and some even more extensive online shopping and a trip to Target where I basically cleaned out the entire home decor aisle and Ryan grounded me from visiting Target again for an indefinite amount of time, I've finally got our living and dining rooms to a stage where they're totally functional. And presentable, save for a few little finishing touches I'm waiting to come across (you know, those things you aren't aware you needed until you find them and they just call out to you).

Like a true perfectionist, I'm hesitant to show off the final product until it's ALL there - but here are some bits and pieces to tide you over until then.

Pillows (L-R): From Ikea, H&M and Pier 1.
Serving tray from Target; placemats from Walmart.
Sheepskin and chalkboard from Ikea; Tub chair from World Market.
Pouf from World Market; sheepskin rug from Costco. 


  1. This is the cutest ever! :) I'm a sucker for throw pillows as well. I think the place looks amazing :)

  2. Love the little things you picked out. I want to see more of your house!!

  3. I like that your pillows aren't matchy matchy. Very cute

  4. Very cute! I would hire you. :)


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