Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Instagram lately.

P.S. I finally have an instagram. Welcome to 2010, Andrea. Follow me...@amdickherber

1. Beach sunset. I'll take it. 
2. Surf's up. Sorta, kinda.
3. A beautiful Saturday bike date (with my party pants, obviously).
4. Free patio furniture? Yoshi approves. (If he fits, he sits.)
5. An absolutely stunning beach chic styled anniversary shoot from last Friday. More soon.
6. Siiigh. Love.
7. My up-cycled boho wedding shoot was featured HERE on one of the ultimate wedding blogs. I die. 
8. Vacuum terror. Hide before it gets us.
9. Fancy new running tights. They make me fast as lightning. 
10. Tuxedo mocha. YES. 

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