Friday, April 19, 2013

The best email of my life.

I haven't written for months. Since I began my photography business, my writing has slipped into the background while I found my creative outlet photographing amazing people and developing my website and my brand. As much as creativity invigorates me, it can also absolutely drain me, and I haven't found out how to balance both of my passions just yet.

But two weeks ago, something in me just wanted to write. So badly. But the timing couldn't have been worse. I was in the middle of editing a week's worth of sessions from Missouri and with wedding season coming up fast, my head has been spinning like nobody's business. The few mornings I allowed myself the luxury of attempting to write, my mind was everywhere except in the story. I couldn't get a single useful thing written. Instead - on a whim - I submitted Golden, the novel manuscript I completed (well...decided I was sick of agonizing over) last fall, to a literary agent.

And then, I dove back into photography. And I forgot all about the submission...mostly.

Yesterday morning I was lounging in my jammies, eating my oatmeal and checking my email when I saw a new message pop up with the subject, "RE: Query - Golden, a YA novel". Oh, I thought as I clicked on it. So they're one of those who send rejection letters.

But when I opened that email, it wasn't a rejection letter at all. It was quite possibly the best email I've ever received. They wanted to see MORE. They asked for the full manuscript, and I almost dropped my oatmeal all over the keyboard.

Writing is such a solitary venture - you spend all day long in your own head, in the minds of your characters, wrapped up in this world you've created - and when you peek outside of that world, you don't really know how it all appears to other people. It's hard to put into words how amazing it feels to have someone think your work is worth reading. To validate that your writing matters - or at least that it's entertaining enough that they're willing to spend a few weeks with it.

Regardless of how things turn out, I feel so honored that my writing is in the hands of a fabulous literary agent. And it's exactly the motivation I needed right now to ease my mind back into writing.

Cross your fingers for me, pretty please. And have the best weekend!


  1. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you! :) Sending good thoughts your way!

  2. That is so awesome!!! I hope they love it

  3. I never comment but I've been reading your blog for a few months now. This post made me really excited for you! I dream of publishing one day too, so I know how big this is.

    Oh, and I grew up in CA and went to school in southern CA, so your posts remind me of home. :)

  4. That is so exciting! Even if this opportunity doesn't work out, you know you've really got something there! This is further than 99% of writers ever get - congratulations!

  5. Wow congrats lady! I haven't been over to this corner of the internet in some time (SORRY!), but I am loving your site design & have all of my appendages crossed for you & this exciting new path that has opened up!

  6. I'm so very excited for you, lady! Talented on all fronts. :)

  7. That's so exciting! Congrats! Crossing my fingers for you:)

  8. Super excited for you, girl! Such great news, and I'm glad that you haven't given up your writing passion in the midst of your amazing other talents! :)

    xo, Elle

  9. fingers crossed.
    Hope it will turn as you hope.


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