Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Help, please! I need two real couples for an amazing styled wedding photo shoot!

What's that? You'd love to spend an afternoon hanging out with fun people
in a gorgeous location, all while wearing a stunning gown like this one?

Along with another amazing photographer, I'm organizing a 
Styled Wedding Photo Shoot, 
to take place in Los Angeles on March 22nd!
We have a fantastic team of vendors who have volunteered to donate their time and talent.
We need two real couples 
to pose as our Bride and Groom. 
Absolutely NO modeling experience necessary...
just real people willing to be their lovely, in-love selves in front of the camera. 

Hair, makeup and wardrobe will all be provided, and in exchange for
your time, each couple will receive a disc of images from the shoot. 
If you're interested in participating and you'd like to know a few more details, 
please send an email to sincerelyaphotography (at) gmail.com
and include a full length photo of the two of you along with a quick introduction. 

Share this with your friends, pretty please! 
We're so excited for this shoot and can't wait to find two great couples to work with us :)


  1. Too bad I'm so totally single or I'd be on this in a heartbeat. Can't wait to see how it works out!

  2. I SO want to do this but I live in Colorado..... I hate all my wedding pictures and would kill for some new ones :) Will they fly me and the hubs out too ;)

  3. Sorry I haven't been able to recruit anyone for you yet! :(

  4. Aww this is such a fun idea! Can't wait to see how it all turns out :)



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