Friday, February 15, 2013

Muscle relaxants make my brain all melty.

What I wore: Shoes, Jessica Simpson. Pants, H&M. Top, TJ Maxx. 
This week...ohhhh, this week.
I should have been baking up a storm of delicious treats for Valentine's Day,
but alas, that's just not how things played out this year.
Sunday afternoon we drove up to Sherman Oaks.
I had a coffee date scheduled with Emily of Anna Delores Photography,
and then Ryan and I had big plans for a hike and some yummy food.
Post-coffee we noshed on some hummus and gyro for lunch
and we got back on the road. 
Milkshakes, I thought. I must have a milkshake. 
So, I grabbed the GPS and started pecking out the letters
for Millions of Milkshakes. I'm nearly finished, when Ryan lays on the
horn and two seconds later, BAM, I have glass all over me and we're sitting
idle in the middle of the road. 
I wish I knew what we said right then...also, I wish I had installed a secret
camera in my car so I could see my face. I bet it was hilarious
But, I digress.
Ryan quickly pulled off of the road and we got out and looked at my car and
HOLY CRAP. Poor Pala was missing both passenger side windows,
the passenger side mirror and she was sporting a huge gash all the way down her side.
Some lady trying to race out of a parallel parking spot on the side of the road had t-boned the side of my car. In her hummer.
Never trust a woman in a hummer. 
But she was so nice about the entire situation. When we finally made it home,
we were rattled and irritated, but we weren't too worried...
until the next day, when the insurance agent informed us that the hummer lady
was claiming WE were at fault for the accident. WHAT?! 
So, enter three days of absolute terror, fearing we were going to get stuck
with the bill for an accident we had no part in causing. 
Also, enter one doctor appointment for highly annoying back and neck pain
I'm now experiencing from the whiplash of a hummer slamming into my side.
And enter one bottle of muscle relaxants that, if I take them during the day,
make me feel like I'm swimming in air and my head is a big fuzzy ball of fluff.
But, we were finally informed that the hummer lady's insurance will be accepting
liability for the accident so we're breathing slightly easier now 
(me through my fuzzy, muscly-relaxed nostrils) and Pala is in the shop,
getting ready to be all fixed up and good as new (or at least as good as she was
prior to her unfortunate fight with a big scary hummer).
This has certainly been one Valentine's week we won't soon forget.


  1. That is awful that your car got hit! I would be irritated as well. I really love your outfit though.
    Almost Endearing

  2. Aw man that really stinks. I'm glad you guys are okay though, and that you are getting covered by her insurance after all!

    You look gorgeous in these photos btw :)

  3. Umm...what did you do with your hair?!?! It looks absolutely ADORABLE!!! Glad you are both alright :)


  4. I hope your ok make sure you take care of yourself. I really wish people would just slow down. I drive a really old car that does not go fast so people are always cutting me off and trying to get by me I cant stand it.never trust a women in a hummer..haha.

  5. Oh my goodness! Glad to hear you guys are ok, sounds terrible! On a side note, purple pleather pants... Are you kidding me?! Love it!!! You look super gorg after just being in a car accident, who can pull that off?


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