Monday, February 18, 2013

A (hydro) bicycle built for two.

We spent 90% of this weekend with our butts glued to our kitchen chairs,
Ryan catching up on two weeks worth of class and me hard at work editing photos,
but we did manage to carve out some time yesterday morning to go hydro-biking in
Long Beach with friends. As much as I love living near the ocean, actually getting
IN it mildly terrifies me. I'm fine with walking in from the beach, but being out
in the middle, with all sorts of unknown creatures possibly swimming below me,
prepared to eat me at any second sort of freaks me out. 
Also, boats. I fear being run over by giant boats.
And I have the navigational skills of a rock.
In the car on the way there, I was adamant that should Ryan take off and leave me
floating solo in the middle of the ocean, I would probably have a mental breakdown
and start sobbing. So when the hydro-bike rental guy asked who wanted tandem bikes,
my hand was flailing in the air before he could even finish his sentence. 
Because if I was going to accidentally flip this thing, I definitely wasn't going down alone. 
As it turns out, hydro-biking isn't so scary after all. 
In fact, we had a really fabulous time cruising the marina 
and the channel around Naples island. 
Totally worth the sore butts we're now suffering from. 

Tootsie dip. 

Yo, dawg, I heard you liked boats so we put a boat on your boat. 


  1. umm.. hello fun! i'm going to have to show justin this- he will die. then he will book us a trip (

  2. That looks like fun. I should get my husband to do that too. Although I am deathly afraid of the ocean too. Like so scared of the unknown, I'm always convinced there is a shark looming below me just waiting for me to fall into the water!

  3. Whhhat!? This is so cool! I need to hunt one of these down!

  4. Ack! Stop being so freaking CUTE you CUTIES!
    That looks like so. much. fun.

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  5. I've been on one of those gondola rides they do there, it's such a pretty area! Love the cute houses. This looks like fun!!


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