Thursday, January 17, 2013

The magic tree.

Tonsil check!
Please notice the gorilla-esqe swing of my arms. 

The magic tree is a Columbia tradition, and it's the very first place 
I took my brand new DSLR on its first adventure three years ago.
This Christmas, though there definitely wasn't time for any sunset stake-outs 
at the magic tree, freezing my fingers off while my tripod and I waited for that
juuuust right background lighting, we still made time for a quick stop at this special
little destination. And it was extra nice because, unfortunately, our first Christmas 
season in LA turned out to be highly uneventful. When we moved I was so excited to
see all the amazing holiday spectacles our new home had to offer, but 
between Ryan's insane work schedule, Ryan's insane school schedule,
wrapping up the end of the year for my new business and preparing for our
trip to Missouri, we just ran out of time completely. This was literally
the only Christmas light display we saw this year. But at least it was a good one.
And next year, we'll have a real California Christmas, 
with the bells, whistles, fireworks and all. 


  1. How friggin' awesome is this?! I wonder just how many lights there are in there :)

  2. So pretty! You guys look like your having lots of fun :)
    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights

  3. OH MY GOSH!!! I live in Columbia! The magic tree is one of my favorite traditions, so glad to see it here!!


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