Monday, January 21, 2013

The pretty people I photographed in Missouri.

Even though we were technically in town for vacation, I was so excited to 
have the opportunity to schedule some photo sessions in our home town.
SO excited. 
Though we're full-time California residents, 
I'm 100% willing to travel to Missouri for photography as well. 
It gives me the chance to do more of what I love 
and see my family more often at the same time, 
which is a situation I feel so lucky to be in (minus the fact that Yoshi and Dobby can't come with me...and Ryan, too, I guess). Even though the weather was beyond chilly this trip, 
Missouri winters have a certain serene beauty to them.
The dusting of snow, the bare branches on the trees and the crispness in the air...
it's not the sun-soaked back drop I've been shooting in LA, 
but it lends something lovely to these photographs.
I love the engagement photos of Zach and Kara, the family photos 
and Avery's adorable 3-month-old session. 
You can check out more on my website, here.
And at the end of March, I'm jetting back to Missouri
for an engagement session with my very first bride, whose wedding
I can't wait to shoot next fall. Seriously, I think I may be just as excited about
this wedding as the bride herself. This photography stuff...I love it all. 


  1. Beautiful, so glad that you are doing something that you love!

  2. Love these! Great work!!!


  3. heyyy, could you please check out my latest post ( i have nominated you for an award! :D
    love EJ xx

  4. super cute pics! just found ya through a friend!



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