Thursday, January 24, 2013

A scathing review of a Kansas City cab company.

Some fine looking dudes. 
Pretty wo-mans.
A sibling photo...please appreciate the beautiful air mattress backdrop. 

Mad dance skillz. 

If there's one night per year when you can anticipate needing a cab, 
New Year's Eve is that night.
Especially when you've paid 80 bucks per person for all you can eat, all you can drink
tickets for said evening. We spent NYE in Kansas City with friends and,
like the responsible adults that we are, we called and reserved a taxi van ahead of time.
Cheap + enough seats to fit our whole group + a set time to be picked up = perfection, right?
In theory. But let's fast forward the night, shall we? We shall.
We drove downtown, parked in an overnight garage, went to the bars.
There was a bit of eating, a bit of drinking, a bit of absolutely freezing our butts off.
And then it was 1am, thirty minutes before our taxi was set to arrive.
We called them up then went to wait near the door the driver to arrive.
And we waited. Annnnd we waited.
And then it was 1:30. And 1:45. 
And dumb people kept opening the freaking doors, letting in ice cold Missouri winter air,
which is definitely not comfortable when you happen to be wearing the warmth equivalent 
of a bikini (not smart, Andrea, not smart). 
We kept calling the cab company. First they told us, "15 minutes, 15 minutes".
Then we got busy signals or they stopped answering.
Annnnnd we waited some more. 
2 o'clock. Then 2:30...ONE HOUR after the time we'd RESERVED.
I am not a patient woman. I am significantly less patient when I have frost bite.
We only brought enough cash to cover the discounted price of the taxi van,
not enough to cover multiple taxis to fit us all. 
(Side note: While we were waiting, a few of the guys stepped outside the bar
so they could hear when they tried to call the cab company. From inside,
we saw some crazy ladies who appeared to be fighting. Two seconds later, 
the guys hurry back into the bar along with a few more stragglers wondering around the sidewalk outside, and the bouncer closed the doors while a police officer approached. 
Apparently, someone was packing heat. Scary.)
By 2:45, I was prepared to punch the taxi van driver upon his arrival
(which wouldn't have been helpful, as he probably would have refused to drive
us after that...but freezing brains are stupid brains). 
The cab company never showed.
But don't worry, we did eventually make it home safely,
though I'm 99% sure I'm still suffering the lingering effects of hypothermia
from waiting so stinking long. 

Moral of the story? Don't hire Nick & Nino's in Kansas City. You've been warned, my friends. 


  1. If you have thawed out yet, it may cause you some comfort to know that the exact same thing happens here too in Australia. No? Yeah, it wouldn't pause me either. Love your blog :)

  2. My friends were in KC for NYE too and they said that they asked a cab to pick them up to take them to Power and Lights and they never showed up!

  3. I am no longer patient at that time either, I would have been pissed!

    Also, where did you get the dress? Loooove it!

  4. craziness!
    and love your dress. supacute!

  5. I would be super cranky too if my taxi didn't turn up! Shame it was cold you dress looked amazing (and the heels too!)
    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights

  6. That really sucks!! I would have been super crabby.

    But your dress is so pretty.

  7. Ugh, I hate when that happens. Hey, at least you looked gorgeous waiting for the cab. Love the dress!

  8. Man! All those spiffy bow tied guys in one place ;) Love your dress once again!


  9. Your dress is so pretty, I love the color!

    Julia x

  10. It's very surreal to see your home town online. However I do agree with you Taxi cabs in kc are the worst! However from your pics it looks like you had a good time. Your dress was gorgeous!


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