Monday, November 12, 2012

USC Homecoming.

This weekend we went to the Homecoming game at USC.
It was an odd thing, this USC-style tailgating. At Mizzou, 
the tailgating transpired in parking lots near the stadium, but here
everyone had their tents and grills set up right in the middle of campus,
and there were no actual tailgates in sight. Curious.
There was rain in the forecast and the high was in the mid-sixties,
so I bundled up in my long-undies and layers (I get cold, alright?)
and we ended up having a beautiful day with loads of sunshine.
So much sunshine, in fact, that I'm now sporting a lovely
triangle shaped sunburn on my chest, courtesy of my shirt collar.

Good Saturday. Good Sunday.
Ready for a good Monday. 


  1. What a fun time :) LOVE your outfit! Chambray shirts under sweaters are the best but you can TOTALY pull it off better than I ever could! ;)


  2. This looks like so much fun. I have never been to another school's homecoming game and it would be interesting to see the different traditions. And tailgating with no tailgates? what's up with that? Virginia Tech is the same as Mizzou - all throughout the surrounding parking lots (and all over campus, really) there are cars and SUVs and campers lined up with big parties of food and cornhole. It's the most fun to walk through on game days!

    P.S. love your red lips! I need to wear lipstick more

  3. We seriously live way too close to each other to have not met yet! Blogger meet-up needs to be planned! :)

  4. Love your outfit! My college didn't have a football team (buzzkill) so that looks like such a blast! Hope you had the best time!!


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