Friday, November 9, 2012

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

Corner brownies stink. I do what I want. 
Looks like someone let a smelly one. 
And then, Facebook exploded. 
  • I had to take Ryan's truck to have the oil changed again, which always terrifies me because, A) It's gigantisaurus and I feel like I have zero control over that beastly hunk of metal and B) I hate going to Meineke because EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. they tell me that something is broken and it's crucial that I have them fix it and pay them a few hundred dollars. And, obviously, I have no idea what part they're talking about. So, anyhoo, I managed to escape without anything being wrong, climbed into the driver's seat and tried to start the truck. But something didn't feel quite right. Oh, that's probably because I was sticking the key into the cigarette lighter socket, not the ignition. In my defense, Pala's ignition is located on the dashboard, beside the steering wheel, where Ryan's lighter socket is. But still...
  • Last night I ordered Pizza Hut for Ryan to pick up on his way home from work. 25 minutes post-ordering, he called me. Uh-oh. I may or may not have accidentally ordered our dinner from a Pizza Hut, oh, about an HOUR away from us. How do I even do these things?
  • Dobby is a super snuggler. If I'm sitting on the couch, she's going to make sure her head is in my lap, even if that means she has to share that space with a plate of food or my laptop. One night this week I was finishing up something on the computer and when I went to close it and set it aside, Dobby started shrieking and I realized I'd closed the tip of her ear in between my laptop screen and keyboard. Poor lady! Thankfully, she forgave me. This probably has something to do with me being the food-giver, but I chose to believe it's because she loves me so much. 
  • Ryan has been working some super late nights this week and Wednesday night I went to sleep before he got home. I should also note that, prior to going to bed, I globbed lotion all over my feet, wrapped them in plastic bags and put on two big pairs of socks. Weird, I know, but I have gross feet and that trick works. So, back to the 1:45am my phone rang and I woke up call from Ryan asking to be let in the front door because, in a long and unrelated story, he didn't have his apartment keys that day. With my brain still fuzzy from sleep, I hung up the phone, slid out of bed and started out of the bedroom, completely forgetting about my slick, lotiony feet bags. Two quick steps and BAM, my feet slid right out from under me and I slammed onto my butt. Well, that certainly woke me up. 
  • First red holiday Starbucks cup of the season! Quite possibly my favorite indicator that Christmas is coming. 
  • The husband brought me a bouquet of surprise tulips last night. Surprise flowers AND take out for dinner?! Psh, yesterday rocked. 
  • I texted my friend Amanda earlier this week and threatened to terminate our friendship if she didn't start liking more of my crap on Facebook (my friendship comes with a stiff set of rules, guys. You really have to work for it). Two seconds later I got a Facebook notification on my phone. Then another...and on and on. Pretty sure she broke my Facebook. But our friendship status is safe again, and I think she's good on Facebook likes for a solid few months now. 
  • We're going to the USC Homecoming game tomorrow and I'm pretty pumped for my first California football game. Not that this football game is going to be much different than football games in Missouri...but still. Now I just need to find something gold or "cardinal" colored to wear...


  1. Pug farts are the worst! And they look so guilty afterwards.

  2. These post are just too funny Andrea! xD Haha, I've done the whole "order-from-one-pizza-place-and-go-to-pick-it-up-at-another" thing too lol ;) Glad your day rocked yesterday :)


  3. I have the same fear going to Meinike...I have to go tomorrow and I am just waiting for that phone call of 'every single thing is wrong and we need a million dollars'

  4. Corner brownies are the best. Obviously, we should be sharing pans of brownies.

  5. Umm you can sen all your corners to me because those are the only ones I like. And I need to try this lotion feet trick because my puppies are cracked.

  6. So the corner brownies are my favorite! I think we could be brownie best friends :)

  7. So you're stunning! :) Just found your blog and LOVE IT! New follower!


  8. Middle brownies are sooooo much better than corner brownies! At least you woke up enough to let Ryan in, my husband has fallen back asleep before he let me in when I've called hahah

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