Friday, October 19, 2012

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

Surfing is officially on Yoshi's "to-do" list. 
  • I've been living with illegals. That's right, since we moved I've failed to license the doggies. We're lawbreakers over here (it runs in my family...when I was little, we owned a dog named Outlaw because my parents got him when they lived in a complex that didn't allow pets). But the law finally caught up with us. I got a letter in the mail from Animal Control the other day and I had to suck it up and pay $40 for two itty bitty dog tags to put on Yoshi and Dobby's non-existent collars. For 20 bucks a pop, I feel like they should be allowed to drive a motor vehicle now. Or I should have at least been gifted a pooper-scooper or something.
  • Sore throats, achy ears and stuffy noses. I think we're getting sick. Ryan blames me, of course.
  • I have 1036 new emails in my "regular" email account. You know, the email account I created for "important" and "professional" emails, but the one I also end up listing when I order pizza and consequently end up receiving all sorts of annoying promotions. Methinks I should probably go on a deleting spree.
  • Hey, USPS! Bring me my new boots, sweater and glasses NOW. Like, right now. I need them two days ago. 
  • At the grocery store this week, I got that cart. You know, the one with the jank, deformed wheel that you decide probably isn't THAT bad and it's not until you've made it down one full aisle sounding like you're a plane about to take off that you realize that, yes, this IS the worst cart in the entire world. But, of course, by that time you feel like it's too late to switch carts, so you push that monstrosity up and down every single aisle while everyone else in the store stares at you.
  • I'm not sure how I stumbled across it, but PUGS SURFING?! I die. Could there be anything cuter? No. No, there could not. 
  • We watched "The Five Year Engagement" this past weekend and it was adorable. Two thumbs up + five stars.
  • This weekend I have TWO baby bump sessions scheduled. Two of 'em. I'm pumped and I can't wait to share some photos...that is, after I finish reading two books and writing two papers for my grad school packet that's due Wednesday. I'm eons behind. But that comment belongs in the rants category.
  • Tomorrow is my dad's birthday! I'm not positive how old he is...probably because I can't count that high. But we're sending him birthday wishes from across the country. Especially Yoshi and Dobby...they send big snuggles. 
  • Happy Friday, frands! Hope you have a great weekend :)


  1. Pugs surfing is too stinkin' cute!! Happy Birthday to your Daddy & happy Friday to you!

  2. Happy birthday to your dad! My dad hates getting the janky cart at the store too so he takes it for a small 'test drive' in the front area to make sure it's a good one lol.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Pops, and I agree with the cart thing, at a certain point you don't want to be that person switching your stuff like a weirdo from one cart to the other. Been there done that and I sympathize. Have a great weekend!

  4. omg that picture is so cute i could die!

    and i agree that licensing the dogs is the dumbest thing ever...but they hang out at our dog park and give you a ticket if you don't have the tag so we have to.

  5. Congrats on your maternity sessions! Can't wait to see photos!

    We watched "The Five Year Engagement" a couple weeks ago and didn't like it at all... weird haha

    Happy Friday and I hope you don't get sick!!

  6. That surfin' pug is TOO much cute! I hate when the post man leaves me hanging too... I hope he brings you your goodies soon! Have a great weekend hanging out with those bumps and being super productive!

  7. I just found your adorable blog through Living in Yellow! You have a new follower here. :) Happy Friday!

  8. Love this post I so get THAT cart everytime. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today :)

  9. ughhhhh the stupid cart at the grocery store. Every. Single. Time.

  10. oo i haven't seen 2 year engagement yet but i want to!

  11. hahaha, i totally know what you mean about your personal email. Happens every time.... :/
    I have a giveaway going on on my blog right now! Check it out!


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