Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The ghosts of Halloween past.

 On this festive Halloween day, 
a tribute to Halloween costumes of my past. 

Glittery tights, glittery wings, fake glitter eyelashes and an entire can of glitter hairspray. 
It was like a glitter factory exploded all over my body. Never again was our dorm
room glitter-free. Also, please note that my wings are on upside down.
Not only am I a glittery fairy, I'm also a dumb fairy.

We all look so forlorn. Except for Andy...but what grown man could be sad whilst wearing 
a child-size Ninja Turtles costume? And then there's me, just sporting my everyday attire.
Just kidding guys. That's my fancy ripped wife-beater. And my fancy chest tattoo, too. 

Please watch for pedestrians crossing. Especially pedestrians drinking beers.

And finally, I dug up this little gem in my fourth grade yearbook.
Don't ask me why, but this particular year my friends and I were dead set on being a 
McDonalds happy meal. I was assigned the important role of "soda cup".
All I had to do was run to Walmart and pick up my third of the meal.
But nooooo, my mom insisted we make my soda cup costume. 
It did not go well. Not well at all. My friends were peeved.
So much embarrassment. 

Happy Halloween! Reeses pumpkins for all, and for all a good night. 


  1. ha ha! cute pics. Happy Halloween!

  2. I just want to say that I am pretty sure I was cut out of the picture of all of us. Or you just decided not to use the one with me in it. I am pretty sure there is also a picture of you and your Dallas cowboy outfit with me in it as well. This post, as well as the lack of posts you have been writing, not coming home EVEN though I have you 2 jobs, and a novel that isn't finished is really coming between our friendship. I suggest you fix all of these problems. ASAP.

  3. Oh my goodness you are such a doll! Whole wasn't a glitter storm of a fairy in college!?

  4. The wings? Totally had those freshman year of college also. The best part? I wore them upside down too!


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