Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just when you thought I'd joined a nudist colony...

What I wore: Boots, Target. Jeans, American Eagle. Top & necklace, Forever 21.

BAM. An outfit post.
Last week we had gorgeous weather. Upper sixties with a breeze 
just cool enough for me to break out the cardigans and fuzzy socks.
And it was perfect because I've been dying to do some fall cooking.
Literally, my belly's screaming for warm, spicy casserole and salted caramel yummies.
But I'm not allowed to bake for non-events. And by "not allowed" I mean 
"not able to be alone in the house all day with the leftovers".
Because trust me, it's not unfathomable for me to devour a pan of brownie in one sitting.
So, I thought...we're sophisticated young adults. Why not have a dinner party?
Ryan invited friends from work and I planned a drool-worthy menu.
But then, I bought a website template. And the internets got me.
And all of the sudden it was dinner party day, the house was still a mess,
it was after lunch and I still hadn't gone grocery shopping. 
(I'd like to note, however, that I did manage to shower -
an important accomplishment in life post-website-purchase.)
But, like a trooper, I was ready to tear myself away from the computer
and speed off to the grocery store. But then Ryan tempted me with an escape option.
We coule postpone the fancy fall dinner and do games and pizza instead.
Balderdash and no slaving in the kitchen? Count me in, man.
I felt a wee bit of guilt for copping out on making dinner for our guests,
but the extra few hours of website play far outweighed the guilt
(obsessed, I tell you, obsessed!).
Oh, website...you're such a life suck.


  1. Loving the red denim and your boots! I could eat a whole pan of brownies too. That's why I don't make them, lol Heather

  2. I so know how you feel. I was suppose to cook James a Birthday dinner but since we wanted to just to hang out more, we ordered pizza.

  3. haha, I have that same brownie problem. I make a pan and freeze them and then it's an extra step to get the out of the freezer and microwave them, so it goes from eating them in 3 days to maybe 2 weeks...haha!

  4. i'll come over and help you eat a whole pan of brownies!

  5. Love those red pants-- I have a pair, too, but am terrified to wear them. Maybe I will grow a pair and try to this weekend!

  6. Your red jeans and brown boots are perfect! I want to copy for this weekend. I hope you don't mind!

  7. Pizza and Balderdash and I wasn't invited!? ha - J/K, but that sounds like my kind of dinner party! Loving your red jeans, pretty lady


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