Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Parmesan in my purse.

You see that desktop? This is why my brain is exploding.
I have a to-do list that is growing by the day hour minute second,
and I have the organizational skills of a two year old.
I blame this on my dad, who's desk at work was always covered in stacks
and stacks of papers, some of them dating back years.
I always have the best organizing intentions (my Pinterest is full of all kinds
of sweet, intuitive organizational systems that I like to pin and then forget about completely),
but nothing lasts more than a few days, and then I'm back to my old habits,
sticking sweaters next to tank tops in my closet or saving every single
computer file to my desktop because I KNOW I can find it that way, even if it means 
I have to dig through 1,000 pictures of Yoshi before I finally uncover it.
The other day I cleaned out my purse
(not because I wanted to, of course, but because my wrists were killing me from too
much typing and it was pretty much either clean out my purse or clean the toilet)
and I found FOUR rolls of quarters, six ink pens and copious amounts of receipts,
many of them dating back to March or April.
Once, at a restaurant, Ryan said he wished he had some Parmesan cheese.
Sucks to suck, I replied. 
But then...yes, I remembered, I had packets of Parm lurking in the depths of my purse,
shoved in there (by Ryan himself, I might add) one day when we were leaving a pizza place,
and long ago forgotten. 
Don't judge, people. 
One of these days I'll be organizing like a pro.
Until then, apparently I'm your go-to girl if you need cheese on the run. 


  1. I love to organize, but it never lasts very long. I also go back to my old habits. I once found a baby sock in my purse. Who knows how long it was in there (my youngest child is 7!) Heather

  2. Oh my! You are not alone! My desktop looks at least halfway like that but it's because I don't know where to put all those icons. My actual desk sounds more like your dads. Piles. And piles. Oh...and...piles. Best of luck in your organizational endeavors.

  3. you decribed my car. My boyriend laughs at it. He said if you ever need ANYTHING I probably have it in my car. You may have to dig to the bottom of a pile but its there.

  4. I am itching to get my hands on your computer now!! Clutter drags you down! :)

  5. lol my sister does this too. I give her so much crap for carrying EVERYTHING in her purse, but you know, she always has whatever it is you need at the time!

    If this organization method works for ya, go for it!

  6. Oh my goodness! Your purse sounds identical to mine! I will go through my purse for five minutes just to look for sanitizers just because I know there in there...... Some where! I'm trying to improve on this lack of organization of mine before my daughter enters the world.. I hope I can! Xoxo

  7. Thankfully I'm used to small purses nowadays and I change them daily. When I had a large one I once found a cheese roll from bottom - at least 3 weeks old - and it reminded more of a someones science project so yours is not that bad. My desktop looks better though - I just looove foldering though sometimes I have to click seven times through different subfolders to find the doc I need.

  8. I used to do the same thing! I had everything but the kitchen sink in my purse until I switched to a Coach crossbody, which is barely big enough to fit my wallet. It helped me downsize until I couldn't fit my wallet, keys, and phone in there at the same time. Back to the big purse. Back to old coupons, receipts, and gum.

  9. Okay so I can't relate to the desktop problem, but I can relate to the purse thing...whenever I play that game at a shower "how prepared are you" I always win, and everyone wants to be on my team because I have everything but the kitchen sink in there...

  10. my desktop looks pretty similar! its on my to-do list to organize it someday :)

  11. My desktop is exactly the same--I even have files on my desktop named 'stuff to sort out' where I've shoved all the crap from my desktop in to deal with later, only to fill up the desktop with more crap! oh deeear x

  12. I too love to look at all things organization, but when it comes time to actually organize...well that's where you lose me. I have really good intentions, but I think my problem is I try to do too much at one time and then just get overwhelmed and frustrated. Maybe one day I'll learn to do one thing at a time, and will hopefully be a much more organized person. Maybe. Until then, I'll just continue to search Pinterest for amazing ideas that I'll probably never use. :)

  13. There's a fix for the desktop! It's called fences and it lets you divide your desktop into nice little fenced in categories!! Check it out! :)


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