Thursday, September 20, 2012

Milk was a bad choice.

Yesterday was my first day off the vegan wagon.
I celebrated with some yogurt...some cheesy chimichanga...and some ice cream.
Methinks perhaps I overdid it. 
Methinks my bowels are not celebrating. 
And methinks that was probably TMI.

Happy Thursday. 


  1. oh my goodness! I just burst out laughing at work. So sorry :(

  2. I would have done the same think. I could never go vegan but good for you for trying!!


  3. Oh no! I just went dairy free for a month due to sensitivity reasons and I really had to hold myself back from doing that same thing when my month was up. I have been trying to take it slow. So far so good, but I think the weekend will probably be bad news bears.

  4. You had me at the title.

    Easy on the cheese there, champ! Let's be honest though - I probably would have done the same. Hope you feel better!!

  5. just fond your blog on lipstick and crayons, love the name of your blog. following you now!!

    Eimear x

  6. bahahaha. Laughing so hard (in case you didn't catch that). Soooo funny! I love you and your honesty. :)

  7. Ohhh dear!!! TMI but hilarious all the same :)
    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  8. Sorry you are shitting yourself! Think of it this way - if you had to be in an office all day worrying about sharts, this situation could be MUCH worse.


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