Friday, August 17, 2012

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

Those big brown eyes get me. Every. Single. Time. 
I can see you. 

  • I had yet another cavity filled, this time in the front of my mouth, leaving one side of my face numb all the way up to my eyebrow (it's a weird feeling, let me tell you). After an HOUR of having the dentist scrape and drill and yank at my mouth, she said she was all finished and I could rinse my mouth out. I took a big mouthful from the plastic cup and, because I still couldn't feel my lips, immediately drooled all over the front of my dress. Oops. 
  • Dobby LOVES giving kisses and she loves to snipe-kiss you when you're least expecting it. Yesterday she kissed my eyeball. Literally...tongue to eyeball contact. If I end up with pink eye, it's definitely her fault. 
  • My tweezers, the best tweezers in the entire world, have gone missing. I've searched high and low, to no avail. As a result, I'm now growing a very attractive unibrow. 
  • Sorry, Big Brother Casting Directors, but you really blew it this season. These contestants are incredibly boring. I'm reasonably positive the producers had to force Ashley and Frank into that awkward make out session in order to spice up the show (not a successful tactic...all that did was creep me out). 
  • This week has been my most productive in months. Years. Possibly ever. Crossing my fingers that I can keep this up. 
  • "The Real Slim Shady" came on when I was driving the other day, and I'm proud to say I can still rap along to (almost) all the words. I've got mad skillz, yo. Mad gangster skillz. 
  • I just can't get enough smoothies, lately. I think it's the heat. And Jamba Juice has a light option now, which means I don't even feel so guilty wishing they would open up a store inside my kitchen. 
  • A new pug has moved into our complex! I'm setting up play dates. Or a pug club, where I get to squeeze all that wrinkly, bug-eyed cuteness. (And you think I'm joking...) 
  • {Begin shameless self-promotion} Don't forget to check out my sponsorship options if you're looking into advertising your blog! I'd love to have you on my sidebar :) {Annnnd end shameless self-promotion} 
  • "It's harder because I'm in the light, looking into the darkness." - Ryan, at the Hard Rock Cafe, referring to the difficulty of sitting directly under a light and trying to read a sign on the wall that wasn't illuminated. This may be the most poetic thing Ryan's ever said. Feel free to meditate on it over the weekend. 


  1. I've done the drool all over self from horrible numbness things many a times in life. I had ten teeth pulled before I could finally get braces and more cavities than I can remember to count. Something about soft teeth. Or too much candy? All the same...

  2. Haha! That quote from Ryan cracked me up!

  3. Pug club! And I feel more guilty about the price of Jamba Juice than the calorie intake...
    Newest follower! I can't wait to see what other Pug-related posts you make!
    Of Thoughts and Things

  4. Such cute pups! And I love that you're planning a pug play date!

  5. pugs {or pug mixes} really seem to like to play with each other huh? if you ever want to do a play date or meet up at a park in santa monica let me know!

  6. I love that you have a out named Dobby, that is awesome ;-)


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