Thursday, August 16, 2012

Soooomething's missing here...

What I wore (but not to the gym): Shoes, Walmart. Jeans, Gap. Tank, Old Navy.
Vest, JCPenney. Hat, Charlotte Russe. 

Yesterday was a long, productive day of writing. So productive that I "clocked out" (with my imaginary time card...weeeirdo) thirty minutes later than usual, making me thirty minutes late to the gym. I rushed to get my stuff together...
Novel I'm supposed to read? Check. 
Magazine I may have accidentally ended up reading instead? Check. 
Water bottle, iPod, keys, phone? Checkity check, check, check. 
I skipped down to the gym at our apartment complex, my mind still buzzing 
with my writing progress. I hopped on the treadmill and cranked up the mph. 
Something wasn't right. Perhaps that was because I was wearing flip flops. On the treadmill. Thank goodness there was no one else in the gym to see me. 
And thank God it was my footwear I forgot, not something REALLY important.
Like my sports bra. 
Or my pants. 
(Though, after the flip flop debacle, I definitely double-checked 
to make sure I was in fact wearing both of those items.) 
I walk-of-shamed it back to the apartment to change shoes, and back to the treadmill I went. Apparently this is what happens when you use up all your brain power before 5 o'clock. If I keep this up, I'm going to need a label exclusively for posts about my blonde moments. 


  1. Oh man, that stinks! At least the gym is just in your apartment complex, and not a 20 minute drive downtown. Glad you had a good day of writing though!

  2. Yes, forgetting pants would be a slightly bigger problem. At least the gym was nearby. More importantly, no one saw.

  3. At least the gym is close. I have never actually gotten on any equipment before with flip flops on, but I have gotten to the gym, which is 15 minutes away, realized I didn't have my shoes and gone home. (I think it happened for a sports bra too once, I am not getting on a treadmill or an eliptical without one of public anyways). I definitely didn't go back to the gym after that.

  4. That is TOTALLY something I would do!! At least it was a short walk of shame ;)

  5. Good thing you were in your own apartment complex!


  6. Looking fantastic girl! I love your outfit! =D

  7. I forgot my bra at work one I did that I will never, ever ever know. Love your vest, pretty sure I need one now. lol!

  8. Not sure that I've ever forgotten an article of clothing, or to change shoes...but I have put on foundation, and then forget to complete it with blush, mascara (that's all the makeup I wear). At least the writing is going fabulous for you though :)

  9. hehe, it's nice to hear i'm not alone!

    i've had SO many trips to the gym where i get to the point of (nearly) being fully dressed out, and alas, i've forgotten something. like 40 times this has happened!!

    ...pants, shoes, bra, least one thing to make it necessary to go back home. guh!!

    and sometimes a trashy magazine is a nice aperitif to a juicy novel, so i say- read away!

  10. lol i love it! i've had a couple of times where i put on my sports bra and forgotten to take off my normal bra underneath. andddd look totally ridiculous.

  11. That outfit is super cute, and your gym story cracks me up :) Totally something I would do.

  12. Okay you are too cute. I love this entire outfit, right down to the hot pink shoes! Also... I'm pretty sure I would have done the same after a long day of work. If I actually went to the gym, that is.

  13. i have done this before. i totally have. you are not alone.

  14. Haha, have you ever hopped in the shower with your socks still on? Yeah me neither :blush:

  15. love that fedora! one of my favorite summer accessories. So so cute!

  16. I totally wore flip flops to work once by accident and then had to drive home and change. It happens!


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