Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sleep when you're dead.

What I wore: Shoes, Minnetonka. Shorts, Express. Top, Forever 21. Earrings, AE. 

Normally, I'm a girl who doesn't need sleep. 
Ten hours, eight hours, five hours...all the same to me. 
But it's hump day and we're sleep deprived over here in the Dickherber household. 
And by sleep deprived, I mean we're delirious, drooling zombies.
Why? First and foremost, we've been having entirely too much fun lately.
Ryan's family left yesterday after spending a week with us, which meant lots of 
walking, sight-seeing and activities. Oh, and lots of riding in the car.  
Who knew sitting in traffic could be so exhausting? 
And at the end of a long day out, do I climb into bed and drift off to sleep at an early hour?
Of course not. Because for the past week and a half my life has revolved around Olympic
gymnastics, which doesn't air on the West coast until 8 PM or later.
So I've been spending my nights glued to the TV, shoveling down sugary desserts to keep me awake and waiting for Bob Costas to show me some gymnastics already (oh, how I
hate waiting). And once the competition is over, I'm too wired with secondhand
adrenaline and nerves to fall asleep, and I end up mindlessly surfing the Internet
until my brain melts and I fall asleep, well past my bedtime.  
Finally, it's tough to sleep well when it's one thousand degrees in your bedroom.
And by one thousand degrees, I mean 70. And by that, I mean to say that I'm becoming
awfully picky about what constitutes beautiful weather. But that's beside the point.
The point is, it's hot enough to sleep without a cover, but sleeping without a blanket
means I'm exposing myself to attacks by ax murderers (because everyone knows blankets
 somehow provide magical protection from monsters...right?
I can't be the only one who lives by this insane logic).
It's a dilemma. A sweaty dilemma that's adding to my sleeplessness. 
 But last night I turned off my alarm and looked forward to
one blissfully long morning of sleep. Naturally, I woke up early. Just ten minutes after my alarm
would have woken me. And no matter what I tried, I couldn't fall back asleep.
I have a day full of laundry, cleaning and catching up on writing ahead of me
before my Dad and brother arrive. Tomorrow.
I can sleep when I'm dead, right? 


  1. Oh no! That always happens to me, I wake up early anyways!

    And it has been super hot in lala land....I've been setting up my classroom out in the was 107 yesterday!


  2. I have that shirt! It's one of my faves because of the print. I'm a sucker for a shirt with a great print. My boyfriend calls it my go-to shirt. Maybe that means I should phase it out lol.

  3. I love this post blankets do have magical protection. :)

  4. lol i feel ya on the ax murders. i just got a stand fan the other day and it's doing wonders for us!

  5. I know how you feel about gymnastics! I've recently moved to California from Wisconsin and this Pacific Time is killin' me. Gymnastics at 10 pm? Call me an old lady, but that's starting to push it for my prime time lol.

  6. i always have to sleep with a blanket on. it must have superpowers. and it was 100 in portland this past weekend. thats real fun to sleep in without central air. SO FUN.

  7. I always sleep with blankets on! I don't know about ax murderers, but I'm pretty sure they're protection from the monsters in my closet ;)

  8. I can't sleep without a sheet at least! I'm so used to air conditioning, that this no air thing sucks on hot days!

    Love your outfit and your hair!

  9. I totally go by the same blanket/murderer logic. It makes sense to me!! Also, summer break has got my entire sleep schedule off track, too but I'm pretty positive it'll slowly go back to normal once I'm back in school/work. One can only hope!

  10. Sleep is overrated :)

    Try one leg out one leg in when you get hot. Problem for me though, is the one leg out gets cold really fast...while the one leg in is sweating profusely. But I hear it works!

  11. I think girls are all the same: I'm afraid of murderers and sleep with a blanket anyway. I hope you can get some sleep because I know that being exhausted is awful :(

  12. Hope you catch up on some sleep!! Cute outfit, your hair looks so great!

  13. ugh, sweaty dilemmas are no good :)

  14. My life has mirrored this EXACT situation in the last two weeks. Husband gets me all into olympic action and then I can't sleep...cue mindless searching of the interwebs till passing out at midnight. Don't even get me started about the need for blankets yet our lack of AC!

    ....At least we're not alone haha


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