Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sayanora, throw pillows.

We're sorry 'bout da fleas, Mommy. 

Tuesday, when I was kissing the pups goodbye and heading off to the gym,
I found a bug on Dobby's back. A bug that may have resembled a flea.
You know what that inspired?
Full on hysteria, that's what. 
Google images convinced me that the bug I found was, in fact, a disgusting flea.
And then, a google search convinced me that 
the only appropriate way to deal with such a problem
would be to spend three hours CLEANING ALL OF THE THINGS. 
I scrubbed the dogs, I vacuumed the floor, I threw away all of the dog toys
and I tossed anything and everything washable and dryable into the washer and dryer...
Apparently, our throw pillows should not have been included in that list. 
Two of them melted. And the ones that didn't melt, got melted on. 
The bad news? We have no throw pillows.
The good news? We have no fleas.
The really good news? The melting pillows didn't set our apartment complex on fire.

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  1. Your pups are so cute, fleas are not! I would have done the same thing you did. Frontline is the best flea medicine ever. Used it for both dogs and have never seen a flea. Bummer about the pillows melting.

  2. My parents pup got fleas this year...twice...I was ok with it cause he doesn't live at my house! It's a pain in the butt though. My husband wouldn't go anywhere near the dog in fear that he would transfer the fleas home to our house.

  3. so cute even if they did contract fleas... Parent's dogs had fleas this year pretty bad.

  4. Your babies are so precious :] Fleas seem to be running rampant this year since we didn't really have a winter! At least you'll know not to wash the throw pillows again!

  5. Floyd had fleas once and I also went to full panic mode. Totally valid.

    On the plus side that means you get to get new pillows and that's just really exciting!!

  6. Oh man, what a nightmare! That is what worries me about having animals in the house... that, and the fact that our dog Grace puked two times yesterday for no reason? Damn dogs.

  7. oh my goodness, that is just awful. they do look pretty sad that they got fleas. good news? you can get new throw pillows!

  8. that is my biggest fear with my dog. fleas. just thinking about them is making my skin crawl. at least you have a flea free house now. with no pillows. you win some, you lose some :)

  9. Oh no! Looks like they are sorry for getting fleas though! This is one of the many reasons I am happy Doug doesn't really enjoying spending time outside...

  10. Fleas are the devil! I spent an entire night bathing dogs and cleaning the house. We eventually had to use flea spray. Ugh. I'll never forget the frontline again!

  11. sorry your pillows melted :( but happy your. . .well, your DOGS fleas are gone ;)

  12. I'm pretty impressed with you right now.

    Had I been in your situation, I would have got stuck in the "full on hysteria" for much longer and probably bawled about it.

    And I definitely would have failed at cleaning all of the things, because, SERIOUSLY, ALL OF THE THINGS?

    I doubt it. I am too lazy. ;)

  13. Ugh, fleas are the worst! We recently got twp new foster pugs and the poor things were COVERED in fleas. It was horrible and they were miserable. So sad. They are happy, healthy, and flea free now though! :)

  14. That picture is so sweet! The same thing has happened to me. I threw away her lil doggy bed and toys because I flipped out. Good news for her though because she got to go shopping but now I'm checking every little bump I see! lol

    Dainty and Decadent

  15. fleas are the worst! also, i'm convinced that my next dog needs to be a pug. the end.

  16. Fleas are the worst to get rid off! I'm glad there are no flea anymore. Your pups look adorable :)


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