Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Real talk.

What I wore: Boots, Target. Skirt, Charlotte Russe. Top, vintage (from my mom, ha!). 

I don't get dressed up every day. Some days I don't get dressed, period... 
at least not until after lunch. I don't always cook and we don't always
have weekends filled with exciting activities. 
Ryan and I have a great relationship, but sometimes we fight.
Sometimes he doesn't communicate well and I get oversensitive and stubborn
and we end up wasting a perfectly good Saturday afternoon 
being mad at each other.
I don't write pages upon pages of fiction every day. 
Some days I waste hours reading the news, reading blogs, stalking Facebook,
and then I stare at the little blinking Microsoft Word cursor and I wonder if it's
worth it trying to be a writer. I get discouraged.
Most of the time the pups are adorable,
but sometimes they bark their faces off at every hint of a noise outside
and I have to yell and scold them. And sometimes they poop on the floor. 
But I don't take pictures of that stuff (especially not the poop). 
And I don't always share our every day trials. They're not entertaining
and I don't want to air our dirty laundry to the entire world.
The internet is an interesting place.
It's a curious blend of authenticity and polished presentation.
Sometimes it inspires me and makes me feel connected to other people,
and sometimes it leaves me feeling like everyone else has a picture perfect life
and I'll never measure up. I have to remind myself that there are
always things behind the scenes.
The internet never tells the entire story.
Everyone else has dirty laundry (literally and figuratively), too.
I don't need to see it, but some days it certainly helps just remembering that it exists.  


  1. Well said Andrea, well said.

  2. Very well said...we all can make ourselves what we want everyone to see on our blogs or whatever, but everyone has real life crap. I have learned that not everything we see is the real picture.

    Love your crocheted sweater too!


  3. Definitely one of the hardest parts about blogging & social networking is the facade that people give off about their lives. It's not perfect & their poop doesn't smell like roses. It's a reminder that I ALWAYS have to give myself. Great post...and love the outfit.

  4. Love this! So true, we all need to be honest about the good and bad stuff!

  5. So very very true. It's nice to break away from the polished/edited "life" we see on blogs once in awhile.

  6. Love this--you're so right about the internet facade...It's nice to know that other people have problems and everything isn't sunny 24/7! Makes it more real!

    The Glossy Life

  7. Thanks for this post! That is so true about the internet - I love it and it's so fun to look at pretty things and be positive about life, but then something crappy happens and I think I'm the only one that has problems. Everyone has their junk, we just don't air it out for the world to see (rightfully so). But it's great to acknowledge it's there.

  8. to be honest, that's something that irritates me about blogs. I feel that the more readers people get, the less "real" bloggers tend to become. I hope that never happens to me (hah, if I ever get readers anyway).

  9. First off, I love your skirt.

    Such a great post, Andrea! Love your line "[the internet] is a curious blend of authenticity and polished presentation." So true! Thanks for the reminder!

  10. I love all the pieces you have incorporated in your outfit!!! I want it all!

  11. A much-needed reminder. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I like you. (Haha)
    Honestly, I love that you posted this. I just last night while writing the (short) post I posted today, made a joke about not having a boyfriend - a joke I often make in real life to friends, but was afraid it would come off as pathetic or desperate to my readers, especially to strangers. Then I said, oh eff it, and just posted it anyway haha.

    But really. I like you! And I like this.

  13. I love your authenticity and transparency without being too open. You're fabulous blogger!

  14. omg, your hair is gorgeous. hey, just found your blog. you commented on my blog wayyyy back in april but i feel off the face of the planet (blog planet at least) since that post. just started posting again, and wanted to reply to your comment and say thanks for stopping by! :)

  15. Amen sister... I was nodding my head the entire time. The worst are those wasted Saturdays being mad at each other... I'm working on that :) The Happiness Project book is definitely helping too!

  16. Thanks for writing this post. It's easy to see that the grass is greener when people never talk bout bad stuff happening in their life. It seems like it only happens to you, so it's "kind of nice" to remember that nobody's life is perfect.
    ps: thank you so much for not taking pictures of the poop ;)

  17. These trials and tribulations are what make the final outcome sweet. You are strong girl, but thanks for sharing honestly :) You da'best!


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