Monday, August 6, 2012

Back East Blonde.

Today I'm off entertaining Ryan's family on the last day of their trip.
While I'm gone, my first amazing featured sponsor, Nadine, is here to entertain you with
the hilarious story of her most embarrassing moment.
Read on, then go check out her sweet, funny blog!
Happy Monday!


Hi, I'm Nadine and I blog over at Back East Blonde
I'm a California girl who relocated to the east coast after college. And I just love it. 
One of the things I've always loved about the east coast are the beaches. That pictureque California beach you have in your head? Yeah, that was always about 6 hours from my house. 
Nor-Cal beaches are cold and foggy!
So I've always vacationed with my east coast family to the Delaware beaches. 
It's the one week a year we all spend together and it's just long enough to remind us 
that one week is really all we need (gotta love family drama). 
The beach also happens to be the location of my most mortifying moment.
Of. All. Time.
Picture this:
The beach is packed and I'm sitting in a beach chair next to my dad and stepmom 
reading a book. I'm in complete bliss, as I cannot imagine anything I'd rather be doing. 
I turn a page, hear a SNAP, and my bandeau bikini top SLING SHOTS OFF MY BODY 
and lands about ten feet away. And there I am. Topless on a beach surrounded by 
my entire extended family and many others.

First things first, a blood curdling scream. 
My stepmom yells to my Dad, "Get her a towel!" 
Obviously I can't move my arms because they are now covering my ta-tas. 
My Dad isn’t scrambling fast enough because he is flustered and suffering from second hand embarrassment. So I proceed to attempt to lay down on the towel on the ground in front of me like a beached whale (try laying down without using your arms, it's not a good move). 
My Dad covers me with a towel and retrieves my top, which is now broken 
and somehow hit a man in the head as it flew across the beach.
Moral of the story: Never ever ever buy a bathing suit with a plastic hook. Ever. 
That great bargain suit is just not worth the potential embarrassment. 
Cheap like me and you still want to buy the $8 bikini separates? I snap the plastic hook off and replace it with a stainless steel key ring. Then pull your cheapy bikini top right over your head. Ta-da!
I hope I've saved you from potential embarrassment. Come visit me at Back East Blonde where I'll willingly share more of my embarrassing stories and other moments where I suck at life.


  1. hahahha! oh my, how embarassing! i laughed out loud at your dad's 'second hand embarassment'.... and laying down without using your arms. it's good you can laugh at it now! :)

  2. Bahaha! Oh, my gosh. That is terrible! And why am I not surprised Nadine would have a story like this? ;-) Love ya, girl!

  3. Oh, Nadine! That sounds horrific. Poor you! Thanks for the handy tip about replacing the plastic swimsuit hooks. Never would have thought of it. Geez.

    Thanks for hosting her guest post today! :o)

  4. Oh my word, that's terrible! Good thing you can laugh about it now!

  5. hahahahhahaaa, omg! LOL I'm busting up imaging this scenario! ;)


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