Friday, July 20, 2012

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

  • It seems I forgot that school comes with deadlines. Looks like I'll be spending my weekend with my face glued to a book and Microsoft Word perpetually pulled up on my computer. Sad face :(
  • While sleeping last night, I got a bloody nose. Luckily, all the blood stayed clogged in my nostril and didn't stain our white sheets, but I kept waking up in the middle of the night and wondering what that odd metallic smell was...
  • A few days ago, someone broke into my brother's neighbor's house and stole their cash. Yesterday, someone (presumably the same people), broke into my brother's house while he was home. Nothing was stolen, but how freaky. 
  • The swimmy I ordered BACK IN APRIL has finally shipped. It's a miracle! I thought this day would never come!
  • Big Brother is baaaaack. Can I just say that I came THIS CLOSE to auditioning for this season? I'm doing it next year, for real. I'm planning my audition tape and everything, as we speak.
  • The plumbers came to replace our water heater, and apparently they forgot to actually hook up the new one. We had no hot water for the day, until Ryan came to the rescue! In his spare time, he should probably just be the maintenance man for our apartment complex.
  • The Colorado movie theater shooting? How unbelievably terrifying. My thoughts are with the people affected. 


  1. My thoughts are with those affected as well. SO terribly sad and tragic :( Hope you have a good weekend despite all the work you have to catch up on!! If you get some time today, I'd love it if you'd check out my Fab Friday Beauty Tip! Happy Friday!


  2. BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!! So happy it's back!

  3. You should totally audition btw ;)

  4. how terrifying about the break ins!

    AND I HAD NO IDEA BB WAS BACK! I don't have tv so I have to stream episodes online and completely forgot. Thank you, sweet soul, for the reminder.

  5. Having my home broken into is my worst fear! Even worse is being home when it happens. So happy he is ok.

  6. TOTALLY about the maintenance thing. My husband is very handy, so when we lived in an apartment and had to wait YEARS for them to fix things, having his handiness helped!

  7. The break ins?? So nerve racking.

    Big Brother? Audition. Next year!!! Do it. Then I can say I know someone famous.

    The shooting? I can't get over it. What a horrible, horrible thing.


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