Monday, July 9, 2012

Next stop: nursing home.

My fiber cereal stash. Further proof that I'm 80 years old. (In my defense, there was a SALE, okay?)

Last night Ryan and I walked down the block to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.
It may have been the third time this week,
but really, who's counting (besides our bank account)?
On our walk back home, stuffed full of beans and cheese,
I started telling Ryan about the rapid deterioration of my body. 
The bones on the top of my left foot have felt bruised for months now,
my knees ache when I do lunges and my chronic back pain just keeps getting
worse and worse. So, as I'm ranting in the middle of the strip mall's parking lot,
Ryan stops. He says he can't breathe and he bends over, trying to catch his breath. 
"Are you having a heart attack?" I joke,
because I'm sensitive and caring and not sarcastic at all.
He kept trying to catch his breath while I wondered
A) Would 911 think I was a moron if I directed them
to the Maria's Mexican restaurant parking lot?
B) Is this a sign that we should lay off the Mexican food?
A few seconds later, whatever it was passed and we continued on our
merry little way. Heart attack? Probably not. But it was kind of freaky, either way.
I'm telling you, we're 23 going on 85.
I'm one step away from elderly.
I need a chiropractor and a back massage,
and maybe a wheelchair. 


  1. Probably not a heart attack but strange to say the least.

    Happy Monday!

  2. haha too funny. I love mexican food, I'm kinda jealous that you've been somewhere like that 3 times in a week!

    My husband likes to go to bed at like 8 at night and I always joke with him that he is 80 too! :)


  3. I'm glad it wasn't a heart attack...that would have sucked :(

    We're 25 (well he's 25, I'm 24) going on 85. I feel like I just get older as each day progresses. I have tummy issues, and aches and pains...gray hair is beginning to take over my brunette head. It's an ugly sight. I have the nursing home on speed dial.

  4. Today I actually walked into Boloco, had an argument in my head between "but I REALLY want a burrito!" and "you already ATE lunch!" Needless to say I ended up getting out of line and walking next door to Starbucks for an iced coffee. Today my judgement won against my cravings, which is not usually the case. Darn you Mexican food!

  5. i don't 911 would think you were a moron.
    ad i don't think you should lay off on mexican food.

    just my two cents. because i love you that much.
    and yoshi. and that newly expressed dobby.

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who complains about my bodily ailments. ;) I'm glad your hubby was alright, too!

  7. Never lay off the Mexican food! Ever! I hope I die peacefully in a plate full of tacos when it's my time. That'd be great

  8. All that cereal, lol! You are a funny old lady. :)

  9. holy fiber!!!!! lol that pic is hilarious ha! sheesh - your poor guy. thats soo weird! hope hes ok now..!!

  10. That is scary but you should still est the delicious food :) there is this place my coworkers and I go to all the time and every time afterwards we feel like crap but it is just so good we can't stay away.

  11. I totally feel like I'm going on 85 some days too and the grey hairs don't help me feel any better either haha yikes!


  12. A) I hope that maybe it was just a quick attack of a big gas bubble or something way not serious.
    B) I too feel like I'm 27 going on 70 some days.

  13. LOL, okay this is so my husband and I. He sits down and groans like an old man, I can barely get up without a grunt. :P

    Stop by and say hi sometime!


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