Friday, June 29, 2012

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

  • This week, I lost at the watermelon picking game. Normally my intution leads me to a delicious melon. This time it led me to a cleverly disguised piece of cardboard. 
  • "May grey" and "June gloom". AKA, the phenomenon that makes our area foggy and cool in the morning before it warms up and the sun comes out after lunch.
  • Ugh. Allergies. I thought those things had gone away for the season.
  • Dobby gets her stitches out this weekend (she was spayed not too long before we brought her home). And then I can bathe the stinky lady! (Ryan, no promises on how soon this bathing thing's going to happen.)
  • Retro MTV has been hijacking my mornings. It's truly embarrassing how much I missed the drama fest that was "Laguna Beach: The Real OC".
  • Berries. I love them all year round, but I love them EXTRA in the summer.
  • Our new place mats. I got them a few weeks ago, when my mom was here, and I'm still loving the pizzazz they bring to our kitchen table. 
  • As you may have noticed, I was a big failure at finishing the June Photo-a-day challenge. Another month, perhaps? 


  1. I raved about the same thing this week - love Laguna Beach! I am pretty sure we only have about 5% of space left on our DVR because I've been recording every episode :)

  2. I've been loving the Laguna Beach reruns too :)

  3. Loving me some Stephen and LC while eating my bowl full of berries too! It's like we're connected.

  4. We don't have cable so I am missing the Laguna Beach fun the rest of you ladies are enjoying. But I am loving the berries coming off my plants and I too have a smelly dog!

  5. I can't pick a good watermelon for the life of me! Laguna Beach reruns on MTV?! I'm so there! What is it about summer that makes fruit seem so much better?

  6. Beach fog, the reason I had crazy hair during highschool...

  7. I can't get enough of fresh berries in the summer! SOO delish! Happy Friday!

  8. hello! thank you very much for the comment and follow. you got yourself a new follower as well :)
    those doggies, btw, are adorable (I LOVE dogs!) and the fresh berries look delicious!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  9. I think I'm going to do the photo-a-day challenge every month. So far: month 3 and still no daily photos. Blast.
    xo, Kathryn Laine

  10. Boo to June gloom, and I am totally right there with you on loving old school MTV! I want to try (and stick with) a photo a day challenge too! Bring it on July!

  11. Oh I LOVE Laguna Beach. I think every girl is obsessed.

  12. Me and my roomie started rewatching laguna beach a while back, definitely a decision I won't regret! Its such a blast from the past like I'm in high school all over again haha

  13. cute blog! im following u now :) follow me back too please

  14. what I wouldn't do for a little Laguna Beach right now. But hey, at least June Gloom cleared up a little, yeah? Or it did where I am at least.

    Just found your blog through the blogger party - so glad that I did. Looking forward to following along!

  15. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVE TWO PUPPIES NOW! I'M SO JEALOUS! lol, no really though- how adorable!!! <3


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