Monday, June 18, 2012

My brain is mashed potatoes.

What I wore: Shoes, Keds. Jeans, Hollister. Tank, Gap. Cardigan, Old Navy. 

Did I tell you the way my graduate program works?
It's low residency. Meaning we come to campus, all day every day, for 10 days straight.
And then we leave campus and we work from home, 
with the help of our professor/mentors, for 5 months.
And then we repeat.
I'm in the middle of my first 10 days on campus... 
Essentially, what I'm trying to say is that 
my normal daily routine just received a swift kick in the butt.
I'm nonstop busy and my brain is oozing and overflowing with new knowledge.
(More on what I'm learning later.)
It's sort of miraculous that I have enough space left in my brain to remember
how to dress myself. So, trying to write a blog post? Pssshhh. 

But, good news! If you're dying to read things my pre-knowledge-assault brain wrote,
I have a guest post appearing on Two Smuppies today, while Jes is off with her family exploring 
Asia (and probably taking hundreds of cool pictures of food there). Check it out, if you'd like! 


  1. Though your brain may be mush, you're still looking cute as ever :)

  2. Good luck with everything! And, great look!

  3. Good luck with grad school and these first ten days hope all gets better. You look super cute!

  4. Here's to hoping you get your brain's my time of the month, so I'm pretty brainless at the moment.

    & the outfit is still got far as dressing yourself goes :)

  5. Love the title of this (but not the fact that your brain is mashed potatoes). Good luck, I'm sure you're kicking butt in that grad program! xo

  6. I love your keds!!

  7. Isn't learning new things just one of the best things ever? The side effect of it taking up all creativity is annoying though.

    Cute outfit, yellow suits you!

  8. I really love your hair, it's gorgeous! So are you .
    Let's hope that your graduate program goes by quickly...I'm sure it will. Busy can sometimes be a good thing.

  9. It's okay. My brain is mashed potatoes too. With lots of butter. I think it's from working at a law firm too long. That's not good for your health.

    Anyhoo, our hair is kind of similar, so maybe I'll try the head band thing?

    Happy Monday :)

  10. You got this girl, now I'll be on my way to Jes to find you... hum, weird.

  11. I only can say two words!
    And super dog! Is sooo cute! *__* I liked your blog! Take a look in mine, if you like Just follow me and I'll follow you back! I swear!

  12. I have to say....brain mush=cute outfits!

  13. I love the bright yellow laces in your shoes! that is adorable.


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