Sunday, June 10, 2012

June Photo-A-Day Challenge.

Last week I said I would be doing the June Photo-A-Day Challenge. 
And then I uploaded exactly zero Photo-A-Day photos. You probably thought I was lying, right?
Well, here they are! The first installment of my June Photo-A-Day.
And I promise I didn't scramble around the house trying to take all of these pictures in one day.
I swear. 
I'm just a lazy uploader sometimes. 
Day 1: Morning. 
Day 2: Empty. (Perhaps the worst empty to encounter.)
Day 3: On your plate. 
Day 4: Close-up. 
Day 5: Sign. 
Day 6: Hat. 
Day 7: Drink. 
Day 8: 6 o'clock. 
Day 9: Your view today. (Venice canals with my momma.)


  1. Oh my goodness! The day 6 is so funny!

  2. Lovely photos! your dog is so cute and the canals look so pretty!

    Julia x

  3. Love your "close-up" photo! And the canals! xo

  4. You have such a talent of taking everyday things and photographing them in such an interesting way! I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  5. love theses sorts of challenges! =D

  6. great pics so far! I am smiling over that sweet little paw photo!

  7. Wonderful photos! I think those signs would make me more confused about how to get somewhere. Your dog is ah-dorable, by the way.

  8. I want to live where you live! it looks so pretty!

    30 day challenges are hard! Good luck with it :) I'll keep checking for updates!


  9. Haha, love the hat photo. Yoshi is such a good model.

  10. Love the Venice canals in Cali! And the Yoshi pictures definitely brighten this dreary Monday here in NC. :)

  11. Love shock top. Perhaps a little too much. And we have those green fiesta ware plates! Almost broke an entire stack the other day. Which would have been excellent. Those canals are absolutely amazing! I hope the time spent with your mama was amazing!!!

  12. Three things... now I want grapefruit, sooo tasty. I also want shock top, also very tasty and lastly... the Venice canals, is that where they filmed scenes from Role Model's with Paul Rudd? (yes that was a random question).


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