Monday, June 11, 2012

Giving rides to strangers.

What I wore: Shoes, Target. Jeans, Bealls. Top, Korner Kloset (boutique). Sunglasses, AE. 

Friday evening my mom and I made enchiladas.
The table was set, the food was hot and cheesy,
sending delicious, steamy goodness wafting into my nostrils,
and I was drooling puddles waiting patiently for Ryan to come home for dinner.
And then he called to tell me he was going to be 45 minutes late.
My enchilada-starved eyes narrowed. 
Why? Why, why, why?
He said he was at the gas station when he met a guy who had missed his
bus and needed a ride to the airport to catch his flight.
So Ryan volunteered to drive him.
My first thought after hanging up the phone was that 
perhaps I should have been more concerned.
What if he was actually being held at gunpoint and I was supposed to hear
some imperceptible tone of fear in his voice and know to call the police? 
(Hey, that stuff happens all the time in the movies.)
But, of course, nothing was wrong. 
Ryan was just going 45 minutes out of his way to do something nice for a stranger,
because that's exactly the kind of guy he is. 
Sometimes it means I have to eat enchiladas without him (I was hungry)
but I love that he's always willing to help someone in need.
I wouldn't have my Good Samaritan husband any other way. 


  1. Sounds like a great guy! Love the colorblocking in this outfit, too! Have a happy Monday :)

  2. I love the colours in your t-shirt and the wedges are lovely! Your husband sounds like a great man!

    Julia x

  3. what a sweet guy! that is just too nice!

  4. wow what a kind hearted man you have! Those enchiladas look delicious, I wouldn't have been able to wait either.
    P.S. we have that exact same color of Fiesta dishes!

  5. How sweet of him -- not many people would do that! Also love your color block top! xo

  6. that is really nice of dear ryan. i would have just eaten the enchiladas without him ;) but that's because i'm EVIL. sharks makes me do it.

  7. Mixing colours, it, very summery! xxx

  8. First things first - love the outfit, those jeans are the PERFECT color. Now onto your sweetie pie hubby, I would have assumed the worse too and thought {as in all movies} he was being held at ransom and I would have to steal 60 cars by midnight to get him back. Good thing he's an excellent judge of character, b/c apparently we are not.

  9. Mine is pretty big on doing good samaritan things too...mostly for his family, and I get stuck eating deliciousness by myself too. I guess I can't condemn him for it.

    BTW love the're beautiful :)

  10. what a nice husband!! love your outfit, the top is darling and your hair always looks seriously amazing!


  11. Haha! Isn't it funny how our minds can big deals out of little things like that sometimes ;D

  12. I'm sure that this good did erased a bad did from the past {if there are any}.

    Zadin ♥♥♥

  13. Aw! So sweet. Way to not go through the phone at him out of hanger. Because I could totally see myself doing such a thing. Especially over delish cheesy goodness.

  14. You are one lucky chick for having a good samaritan husband like that....and to have the talent of cooking enchiladas. feeeeed me!!!

  15. Awwww! I love it, my husband is the same way. This outfit is too stinkin' cute! I would've never thought to pair that top with the blue pants, and it looks amazing! Cute shoes, too!

  16. Love this outfit! All the colors go so well together.

    And once again, I love your hair.



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