Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I-I-I-I work out.

Welcome to our
30 Day Super-Duper Hardcore Fitness Challenge 
(I just improvised this title. Intense, right?) 
How it works:
This past weekend, we each did a
one-mile run, one minute of push-ups and one minute of sit-ups.
Over the next month, we'll train to improve our speed and endurance.
30 days from now, we'll repeat all three tests and see how much we've improved.
The rules:
No cheating (largely because it's impossible). 
No trash talk (unless it's highly amusing).   
No bribing Andrea with pizza or ice cream
so she's too stuffed and lazy to workout.
(Because I would fall for that trick every time.)
The prize:
We've yet to negotiate a prize for the person who
improves the most after 30 days. I've suggested Ryan become my personal
masseuse when if I win, but he has yet to accept my suggestion,
probably because he's scared I'm going to kick his butt.
And he should be scared.
Because I'm a beast.
(Have you seen these guns?)
Now, excuse me while I go pump some iron or something like that. 


  1. "No bribing Andrea with pizza or ice cream". You are so lucky we do not live in the same zip code. Because I always get sucked into pizza and ice cream when it's time to work out. I would totally be bribing you.
    Good luck and hope you win big!

  2. This reminds me of fitness testing for field hockey that we used to do: timed 1 mile (1 min rest), timed 1/2 mile (1 min rest), timed 1/4 mile, followed by minute push up/sit up challenge! We called it the Gauntlet. Good luck in your training!!


  3. Holy crap.... you BOTH did amazing! Way to make this girl feel totally out of shape! Can I blame it on pregnancy?? Yeeeeeah... doesn't really make me feel better about my laziness, ha ha!
    Girl, I hope you win BIG!

  4. This looks way too intense for me. I'd probably try to trick myself into eating pizza and not working out. Good luck!

    A Southern Drawl

  5. I like that idea, it's a fun way to motivate each other to work out and make it a competition. You are right behind him with your times, you can totally beat him!

  6. You go girl! I can do.....1 push up. Probably. Maybe. Probably not.

    I've been working on them though.

    This sounds like so much fun! You better kick his butt!

  7. Fun!! I hope you both win...haha and the prize should be pizza & ice cream.

  8. Wow that's awesome! You can do it!!!

  9. You should do a reader poll and see who gets the most votes as to who will improve the most. My money is on you girl!!

  10. Ha, this is a pretty entertaining post. I love it!! My bet's on you girl. After all you are the right brain ;)

  11. I may give this a try!


  12. This is so much fun! And I hear you about the pizza and ice cream...so much better than working out haha. But good for you guys for being hardcore!

  13. omg! hello rockstar.. jeeez.. i can barely do 5 pushups! love the intensity girlfriend!

  14. Woah! You guys are both already rockstars! I'd be happy with a 9 min. mile and I just did the sit-up/push-ups in 1 min. for work and barely got 25-30 of each in. So jealous!

  15. way to go!! come train me!!

    followme@ www.studentswife.com

  16. Wow, kudos to you girl!!! Looks like a fun way to get in shape together, but don't think my boyfriend could get me to do anything like this with him no matter how hard he tried. Excited to see your progress!! xo


  17. Eww this makes me feel flubbery. And I ate THREE ice cream cones this weekend.

  18. how fun to do this together. good luck i hope you do kick butt! remember just say NO! to pizza and ice cream:)

  19. I don't even want to think about running a mile! Haha you did really well! Following :) xx Elly @ jazzlipsandtulips

  20. You got this girl!! I love the motivation :)

  21. Woo good for you! I started running again today, eek it was miserable!

  22. INTENSE!!! Looks like you have a great start.

  23. Last sunday i went for a run with my husband, love running with people! I am used to running alone, so running with him is my best gift ; )


  24. What a good idea, a mile a day, phew! Good luck, you guys are hardcore!


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