Thursday, April 5, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Float trips.

Today, I'm linking up with Monica's Notebook for Throwback Thursday, 
and I'm throwing it back to 
The Annual College Float Trip. 
Now, if you've never lived in Missouri, let me explain what a Missouri float trip looks like.
In Missouri, the floating does not take place on legitimate rivers...more like creeks. 
Very, very slow moving creeks. 
Which brings me to my next point: Missouri float trips aren't athletic ventures. 
If you're thinking "white-water rafting", think again. 
Nope, Missouri float trips are essentially big parties
atop crappy inner-tubes in four feet of dirty water.
And whilst floating down the "river" you will meet ALL kinds of crazy characters. 
Seriously, there are some loony people out there. 
All that said...Missouri float trips are SO MUCH FUN. 
This summer our friends will be taking their 4th annual float trip...
and we won't be there :(
And I'm quite sad about that.
At least we had a good three year run, right?
River treasure = finding a random rope swing. Safe? Probably not so much. 
These are people I'm embarrassed to admit are my friends. 
Rummy bears. If you don't know what they are, Google them. Google them now! You'll thank me. 
Koozies, for your...soda. 
This sign greeted us in a bus that would take us from our campsite to the river.
Seriously? Please, let me off this bus right now
I was so tan. How did I get so tan?

I'll miss you, float trip. I'll miss you always, until we meet again someday. 


What I wore: 30 days. No outfit repeats. Day 24.
Sandals, Macy's. Jeans, Gap. Tank, Target. Necklace, AE. Bag, from a boutique. 


  1. this looks like so much fun.
    and rummy bears?? did we just become best friends!

  2. I gotta go to google now.. find out what the crap rummy bears are.

  3. This looks like it'd be so much fun! I think I have an idea of what rummy bears might be.... yum! xo

  4. oh you funny! looks like a fun trip. and i love that shirt, love it how one color blends into another.

  5. That trip looks awesome! They tried to make me cliff jump when we went white water rafting last fall and I think I was traumatized by the high dive as a young child or something because I I had to WALK back down. And that is so not like me. Something about looking down at that water, I just had all these fears and could not bring myself to jump. I'm a wuss :(

  6. That looks like so much fun! We've done white water rafting on the Delaware river and it can get cah-rayzee with the rapids. There are interesting characters nonetheless (someone kept making moose noises all the way)! Perhaps I should try taking rummy bears with me next time!!

  7. Your hair is beautiful and so long! I think I need to go back blonde :)

  8. what fun throwback pictures!!! and oddly- i want to devour those melted gummy bears. xo

  9. Looks like SOOO much fun!
    Love the rummys 2!!!

  10. OMG! I love this! We used to go on a float trip every year to Saco, Maine! It was such a disaster, but such a good time!
    I prolly would have been that lady whining! haha

  11. hey dear...its look like u have a great fun:))
    btw maybe we can follow each other

  12. SUPER FUN!! I miss those days...awww to be young again :)

    Rummy bears bring back memories too! heehee!

    Oh and you are BEAUTIFUL by the way. BEAUTIFUL.


  13. wow, this looks FUN!!

    katie x


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