Friday, March 16, 2012

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

What I wore: 30 days. No outfit repeats. Day 17.
Shirt, Old Navy. Pants, Gap. Boots, Bealls. Nail polish, Revlon (Minted). 
  • There's rain in the forecast for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Bleh. We were hoping for a few days outside after our lounge-tastic time last weekend, but it seems we might not get it. But if it has to rain, I'd rather take it this weekend and then let it be beautiful for our visitors next weekend.
  • Yesterday I got in one of those awkward driving situations where neither of you can decide whose turn it is to go. Finally the guy went ahead but then we ended up sitting side by side at a red light for ages, both of us staring ahead to avoid more awkward eye contact. Plus, there was a good song on the radio and I wanted to sing along but this guy's presence prevented that. Sad. 
  • Missouri basketball. And that's all I have to say about that. 
  • Not that I'm bragging but MY MARCH MADNESS BRACKET IS BEATING RYAN'S BRACKET. Just saying.
  • Palm trees. I can't get enough of 'em. Seeing them daily puts a smile on my face :)
  • Rap music while I'm running outside. A little bit of Eminem makes me feel like I could karate chop through a board or take down a mugger sans mace...or just run really far. 
  • I'm now the proud owner of a beautiful new Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.8G lens. I'm still an amateur at this photography thing but I can finally say I'm 100% comfortable shooting solely in Manual mode and now I'm branching out to more exciting creative techniques. My new lens can give me amazing bokeh (blurred backgrounds) and I'm so pumped to play with it. I must say though, it's so weird having my first fixed lens...I keep trying to zoom in or out and going, "Huh? What? Ohhh yeah." 
  • Did you know that, though on the back of the cooking spray can it says there are zero calories for a 1/6th second spray, if you spray for a couple seconds (like a normal human being) the calorie number sky-rockets up to 40 or 50 calories?! Insane. From now on, I'm making it a competition with myself to see how short of a spray I can achieve.  
Happy weekending! 


  1. 40-50 calories! What liars. Good to know!

  2. so i am so happy for you that you are beating ryan with your march madness bracket. we don't play these things in our relationship because somehow i ALWAYS win. and the sore loser always has a hissy fit about it.

    happy weekend!
    xx jes

  3. I love your outfit, especially the bright top.


  4. cute!!

  5. I want your hair.
    That shade of pink looks amazzzzing on you.
    And I definitely spray for 2 seconds. Sometimes 10.. HA! I just don't want stuff to stick! But not anymore... I WILL be changing my ways!

  6. i didn't realize how long and cute your hair way! you rock the ombre look! And- it's been raining like crazy here. but, i love it! xo

  7. Found your blog from The Little Lovebirds and am so excited to continue reading :) Your outfit in these pictures is adorable, I especially LOVE the nail polish color!! And wow, that fact about cooking spray is crazy, I never thought about that!


  8. Congrats on your bracket... mine is officially blown to bits! Your hair is so gorgeous!

  9. I spent the majority of my weekend indoors thanks to the rain too. Oh and I absolutely adore your bright blouse! xo


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