Friday, March 9, 2012

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

This piggy snout is ready for the weekend. 

  • Ohhhh, Pala, how you torture me. Now, not only is Pala's speedometer on the fritz, so is her fuel gauge. Lovely. We noticed this on our date last weekend when we looked down and suddenly the fuel gauge needle was dueling the temperature gauge needle, which has been broken for years. Looks like a whole new instrument panel is in order for my dumb soon as $500-$1000 dollars drops from the sky. 
  • I had my second PDT treatment this morning, which means I'm back to having a bright red face and I'm stuck inside for the next 48 hours. Which doubly sucks because it's supposed to be a stellar weekend.
  • The sweet camera lens I wanted to order in time for our next round of visitors at the end of this month is on backorder indefinitely. I guess that means no bokeh pictures for me. :(
  • Thanks to this unrelenting cold, my ears and nose have been plugged for over a week. This would be easier to take if it hadn't rendered my taste buds COMPLETELY USELESS. And to make matters worse, our kitchen is full of delicious treats like Samoas cookies and all kinds of berries and the Reeses egg Ryan snagged for me on his emergency Ramen noodle run. But I can't taste any of those yummies, so I can't eat them. On a positive note, skipping the treats means I lost two pounds this week, so I guess I'm going to be in superb shape for summer if this cold keeps it up. 

  • Yesterday after GOTR practice, I went for a run in the park. And it was absolutely beautiful. And it felt awesome
  • I crossed the 70,000 word threshold on my novel this week. I'm actually getting sad that the story is coming to a close because I feel like I've "gotten to know" my characters so well, I'm not ready to let them go! Luckily (sort of), I've got a lot of reading and revising before they're out of my hands completely.
  • It appears the rant list is a bit long this week. Hm. I must stop being so whiny. 

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  1. Ugh I was stuck at home with a cold last week too, so I totally know what you mean about the plugged nose/ears. Can't think of anything more annoying!

    In response to your comment, I'm so glad the post inspired you to go! It's definitely a fun way to truly experience LA. They have it the second Thursday of every month. Who knows, maybe we'll run into each other next month!


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