Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dressing down my sequins.

What I wore: 30 days. No outfit repeats. Day 14.
Shirt & Jeans, Gap. Tank, Express. Sweater, JCPenney. Boots, Target. 
I'm notorious for buying items of clothing to wear to a specific event. 
Christmas outfits, birthday outfits, Easter outfits.
Which is fine, except that I then have trouble picturing that shirt or skirt as a part of any ensemble other than the one I originally bought it for. So I end up with a closet packed full of 
pretty clothes I hardly ever wear.
This particular sparkly tank was purchased as part of my New Year's 2012 outfit. 
Generally, I never buy sequins because come on...
how many fancy parties will I be attending after January 1st?
 (answer: probably none
But I bought it. And today, I tried to get some 
extra use out of it by dressing it down. 
On a totally unrelated note, last night I filled out my March Madness basketball bracket! I don't follow college basketball but making my own bracket makes watching the games (sometimes, when Ryan's home, basketball finds its way onto our television) much more exciting.
How do I make my selections, you ask?
It's a very scientific process.
I base them on a few important factors:
1. Which team has the cooler sounding name? (How could you not like saying the word "Gonzaga"?)
2. How much do I like the state this college is based in? (California always wins with me.)
3. My alma mater gets bonus points. (I'm taking Mizzou to the Elite Eight.)
4. Kansas should always lose.
5. Sometimes I look to see what number a team is seeded at too. 

Bring it on, March Madness! 


  1. cuteness! ur hair is gorgeous, girl!!


  2. Ditto! I bought a new sparkly dress just for new years but now there is definitely no other place to re-wear it. Imagine walking into Sunday mass in that?! Or work? LOL. Either way, I don't regret it... you shouldn't either :)

  3. This outfit is super cute! I totally do the same sometimes with buying a piece for a specific event, but I love how you got creative with it! Oh and your hair is pretty much perfect -- are those waves natural? xo


  4. i love everything about this outfit, and might have to store it away in my outfits to copy folder!

  5. Love how you styled the sequins top!! LOVE IT!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


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