Friday, February 10, 2012

The week in rants and raves.

- After my workout yesterday, I was greeted at our front door by a package full of Valentine’s goodies from my parents. Chocolate – yay! Lipstick – yay! Dog treats – oh, those are for Yoshi.
- Reeses hearts appeared in my cabinet! And then, they disappeared into muh bell-ay.
-We have dental insurance. I can go get my teeth cleaned TWO TIMES EVERY YEAR fo’ free. I am way more excited about this than a normal person should be. Happy toofers!
- Remembered to bring my reusable grocery bags into the store for the first time. Score one for being green; score two for my memory – clearly it’s on top of its game this week.

- I had to resort to using an old pizza box as an ironing board. Every time I iron, I think, “Note to self; purchase ironing board. This is embarrassing.” Every time I finish ironing, I think, “Psh, ironing board? Who needs that?! I only iron twice a year anyway!”
- Every morning as I eat breakfast, a small earthquake rattles the western side of our apartment. It also barks. A lot. I think it gets sad when its parents leave for work. But seriously, this neighbor dog rams its patio door and the whole apartment building goes shaking.
- Monday morning I woke up paralyzed. I had neglected to stretch after our beach run on Sunday and apparently this was displeasing to my leg muscles. Displeasing to me was the fact that no one volunteered to massage me.
- That awesome treat box we received last night? Well, Yoshi chowed down on a few of his liver treats before bed. And at 2 in the morning, they made their reappearance (in regurgitated form) all over Ryan and our sheets. Our freshly washed sheets. Ehhh.

Happy weekending! 

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