Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our quest for queso.

After 3 weeks of living in California, I have determined that this state has 2 flaws. The first - no frozen custard - I was prepared for. The second, I was not.
We've been to FOUR Mexican restaurants since we settled into our apartment and NONE of them has had queso dip. Not a single one. Though, some of them have been a bit tricky. One offered cheese dip (this was just a plate of melted cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, which was not appetizing in the least, though we did eat it anyway). This same restaurant put french fries in our fajitas (uh, those don't belong there...) so obviously they were a bit misguided altogether.
A second restaurant I specifically sought out, researching its menu online and deciding to try it because they had an appetizer called "queso fundido". This, too, was a bust. We paid 16 DOLLARS (!) for a big plate of cheesy, artichokey, cream cheesy stuff. A step in the right direction (taste-wise, at least), but definitely not the same.
So, I'm sad to say that after these disappointments, we've given up on Mexican for awhile. We'll have to get our Mexican fixes from home (see my yummy enchiladas below).
At least our wallets and our figures will thank us.

Also, if our next visitor from Missouri could swing by Agave in Columbia and pick up an order (or a vat) of queso dip on their way here, that would be much appreciated. Thanks. :)

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