Sunday, February 26, 2012

The day we visited the Kodak Theatre on Academy Awards weekend.

What I wore: 30 days, no outfit repeats. Day 4.
Wide-brim hat+huge sunglasses+SPF 45= One super protected face.
We're funny.
Saturday was the first full day we were able to spend with our family visiting from Arizona. It was up at the crack of dawn (more like 8:00 AM) and off to see the Santa Monica Pier. On the drive from our place we detoured for a little drive by the building where Ryan works. As we were making our way up the coast we got a view of a huge boat in the water off of Venice, which turned out to be a 
50,000 square foot yacht
owned by a Russian vodka mogul. $300 million. With a submarine and 2 helicopter landing pads.
Wow. Pretty neat (ahem, ridiculous) to see that.
We lunched on the pier and our nieces got to dip their tootsies in the ocean, which was absolutely hilarious to watch. They would run out toward the water and every time the waves started to come in, Cassie would shriek and take off sprinting back up the beach with a look of delighted terror on her face.
I would have too, though. That water was COLD. 
In the afternoon, we cruised through Rodeo Drive (ah, how glamorous we must have looked riding 6 deep in a Dodge Ram pickup) and picked up some milkshakes on Santa Monica Blvd. From there, we headed toward Hollywood Blvd to see the Walk of Fame. 
Why not, right?
A big chunk of the street was cordoned off, but we shrugged it off. Filming, maybe? A movie premiere? We parked and walked the supremely-crowded street anyway. 
It wasn't until we were actually in the Kodak Theatre and we saw the red carpet and the gigantic gold Oscar statue that we realized it was Academy Awards weekend. The night of the rehearsal, actually. 
So that's what all these people are wearing badges for. 
I told you; we're funny.
We capped off a lovely day with dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Hollywood (100% our favorite Mexican place here thus far; too bad it's a good 30 minutes from our apartment)
and our visitors got back on the road this morning. 
Good-bye, weekend. Hellooo, Monday. 

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