Monday, August 10, 2015

You made me a Mama.

Seven weeks. Seven weeks in and I still don't quite feel like a Mama. Maybe it's because the majority of the daily cleaning that goes down in our house is completed by the Roomba (and yet I still put "Run Roomba" on my to-do list just because the act of picking up a few things off the ground and pressing the 'start' button totally gives me an embarrassingly oversized sense of accomplishment). Maybe it's because I'm still hanging out all day every day in my workout attire and with wet shower hair (because I never know when this nugget is going to drift off for a nap and I want to be totally prepared for an impromptu opportunity for fitness...and also, because in the interest of full disclosure, these sweatpants are still all that fits me well right now). Maybe it's because I'm still making immature jokes, listening to the Pandora stations of my favorite bands from Junior High (hello, Dashboard Confessional), and watching way too much Netflix. Or maybe it's because I still have essentially no knowledge of what to do with babies outside of the wee little daily routine Knox and I have created for ourselves. Our days of nursing and snuggles, reading stories and little bursts of play time. Lots of little cat naps and long staring contests with the tasseled garland I made for above his changing table while I change his dirty diapers.

I'm not certain what would make me feel like a real Mama right now (perhaps if a mini-van stocked with miniature sports gear and Disney CDs materialized in our garage and I instantly had the accumulated knowledge of 1000 moms combined?) but I'm sure it'll come with time, experience and the simultaneous blessing/curse of many more nights of inadequate sleep.

And for now, I know I am and forever will be "Mama", even if it seems too good and too foreign to be true just yet.

Our first family photos by Jessica M. Wood Photography during Knox's 2nd week. 


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