Friday, June 28, 2013

The Midwest in June.

I should advertise for Southwest. 
A morning run.
We're now Godparents to this cutie.
Gang's all here, ready for our business trip to Missouri.
Shooting my first wedding. Photos to come soon. 

Each time we go back to Missouri, I feel like I'm seeing it in a different way than before.

Last week was our first summer trip back and as we stepped off of the plane, even at one in the morning ( eye much?) the humidity hit us like a brick. We could actually feel it settling on top of us, all sticky and heavy and hot. And going out for my planned runs was like an entirely new training experience. I sweat from places I completely forgot had sweat glands, and after coming back absolutely soaked from head-to-toe, I remembered why I used to run only in the early morning or the evening - because those scant few degrees cooler make a serious difference.

And there were good surprises, too. I never noticed how green the Midwest is during the summertime. I forgot what it's like to drive around without the assistance of my trusty GPS, and to actually know where I'm going straight from memory. I got the chance to appreciate how refreshing a summer thunderstorm smells and to listen to the sound of rain on the pavement. And I forgot how, when running down a gravel road, I tend to pick up a collection of dogs who bound out from their owners' big yards and join me in jogging for a bit (and sometimes follow me home, even).

We're glad to be back in LA again (and not-so-glad that we're still covered with bug bites...who let all of those bugs into Missouri?) with our pups, but it's always good to get a little taste of the Midwest.


  1. Great pics! ant wait to see more from the wedding :)

  2. I love hearing the way that you talk about the Midwest - sounds lovely, and not that much different than my home state of Arkansas!

  3. Living in south east Missouri I for sure feel you on the bug bites!


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