Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In the name of all things adorable.

You guys. Do you see those big, googly-eyed faces? I get to snuggle them every single day and seeing their twin faces in these photos still makes me want to run into the other room and squeeze them immediately. 

A few weeks ago, Ryan finally received that massive hunk of computer that is his official work laptop. It was a long-awaited prize, as it now means he can spend the overtime hours he works every week at home with us instead of alone in his windowless work office. If we can't have him completely, we'll at least settle for being able to hear him typing away at the kitchen table, where we can steal kisses when we walk by or interrupt him with stories about the latest obnoxious Facebook status we've read and other very important things. 

And though nothing really makes working on the weekend fun, at least it's a wee bit better when you can do it on a beautiful morning, from the comfort of your sweet new patio furniture, with your snuggly pups cozied up next to you and your super-fantastical wife delivering coffee and lunch directly to your seat. 

And, of course, the puppies love that their favorite snuggle buddy is now more readily available. No scratches or rubs required - they're totally content to just sit in Ryan's presence. And sometimes they solve the extra difficult engineering problems for him, too. They're pretty smart like that.


  1. Seriously could they be any cuter! The synchronized side eye and sleeps, precious!

  2. hehe they're so cute. love the last 2 photos - eyes closed and then wide eyed. that's that look i get when i take too many photos of my snoozing pugs too haha.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. Squeeeee! Those little cuties! I love seeing that they are totally friends!
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  4. Look at how identical they move! Your pugsies are so sweet, just chilling beside their dad while he's working. I wonder how you trained them to behave like grown kids. Maybe showering them with love made all the difference! Glad to discover your blog. Take care!

    Elvira Mullins @ NelsonVets.co.uk


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