Friday, May 31, 2013

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

What I wore: Sweater, Old Navy. Shorts, H&M. Shoes, Target. 


  • Dobby has funky ear. She has a frustrating case of dog allergies and it seems to lead to horribly smelly ear infections. Fortunately, we still had medicine left over from the last bout of funky ear. Unfortunately, Dobby still wants to attack the dropper any time I get it remotely close to her body.
  • I'm really bad at sleeping. At least that's what my back told me. I've tried to be a good kid and sleep with an extra pillow tucked under my knees (when laying on my back) or between my knees (when laying on my side) so that my spine is properly aligned (thanks for the tip, every chiropractor I've ever visited). But without fail, I wake up each and every morning sprawled out on my stomach with my neck cranked to the side and my arms and legs folded into a very intricate form of origami. And the extra pillow? Banished to the floor.
  • We're the NOT proud owners of the drippiest kitchen faucet in the history of the world. That. Sound. Is. Driving. Me. Nutssss.


  • I've been running my buns off lately. Literally. Sayanora, buns. And I love that hurts-so-good sore feeling the next day. It's good to feel like I'm pushing my body. 
  • Speaking of which, I've recently fallen madly in love with my foam roller. Until someone volunteers to fund my wish for a personal massage therapist, that baby isn't leaving my side.
  • Did you know that when you're listening to music on Youtube, if you replace "tube" with "repeat" in the URL, the song you're listening to will repeat indefinitely?! Mind = blown. And if you're strange like I am and enjoy listening to the same song over and over while working, this saves you from ever having to press the play button again.


  • I have a wedding and a quick trip to Orange County on my schedule this weekend. Can't WAIT. Hope your weekend kicks butt, too!  


  1. cute outfit! my dog gets a lot of infections too and is allergic to something (but we're still not sure what!) he is very dramatic and also freaks out when i try to give his meds. and i looove using a foam roller too. next best thing to a personl masseuse :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. That sweater is everything pretty lady!
    Also, we know about the pug funky ear in our house... it takes two of us to administer said ear drops. good luck!
    And my mind is also super blown about the YouTube thing... repeat for days!

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  3. oh man you are coming to the OC we should have met up for food!! I love your new blog design!!!


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