Friday, March 15, 2013

The week in rants, raves and randoms.

  • Late last week, our coffee machine mysteriously broke (WHY, coffee machine, WHY?) and because I'm equal parts busy and lazy, I've yet to replace it and thus have been suffering from a lack of morning coffee lately. This has given me a great excuse to hit up Starbucks more often than usual, though. Don't ask me why going to Starbucks is easier than going to Target and buying another coffee brain is not a logical device. 
  • Following the horrifying discovery that what I thought was a smudge of dirt on my leg was actually a patch of spider veins, I spent a solid half hour last night Googling natural remedies to get rid of them. What's next...grey hair? Hearing aids? Uncool, adulthood, uncool. 
  • Real estate agents. I'd be happy to punch one in the face right about now. 
  • I've been wearing the same perfectly broken-in pair of yoga leggings since the 7th grade. This week, the inseam finally split apart. RIP, leggings. I think I officially have to stop wearing them least in public. 

  • "Just because" flowers - my absolute favorite kind. 
  • A wig's worth of my hair + lame, probably-never-updated-1970s-plumbing = one seriously clogged shower drain. I shed like it's my job and the shower in our apartment has one of those ridiculous drains with only a few tiny little openings, making it virtually impossible to stick anything down there to pull out the hair (am I grossing you out yet?). But the other day, after weeks of avoiding bathing the dogs, something had to be done. For fifteen minutes I tried with zero success to fish hair out with the bent end of a paperclip. Then, bam - it hit me. The plunger. Two seconds of hot water and vigorous plunging and not only did I unclog our drain but I believe I may have inadvertently performed an exorcism. It was simultaneously disgusting and weirdly gratifying. And now we have clean puppies. 


  • As you've probably read (over and over) by now, Google Reader will be no more in a few months. If you'd like to keep following along, feel free to find me on Bloglovin' or Twitter or whatever your favorite blog reader might be. Or just type my address into the address know, whatever floats your boat :)


  1. I've got a ridiculous amount of hair as well. If you ever can't reach the clog, try using lye. I got some by all the other draino and it worked amazingly well! You just have to wear rubber gloves and be careful not to spill. I don't know if its good for pipes or not but you're renting right? ;)

  2. Ugh.. hair in the drain is so annoying. Just be thankful you don't have really thin hair! That's what I try to tell myself when I get annoyed with it.

    I also have spider veins, and they ain't pretty. They've actually gotten worse in the last few years so maybe one day I will do something about getting rid of them. FYI when your legs get more tan in the summer the spider veins are less noticeable! Not the end of the world :)


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